12 Unexpected Ways The World Was Different Pre-Light Bulb

The invention of the light bulb radically changed industrialized societies, but Big Light Bulb wants us to believe that electric light has completely improved every aspect of life. Life before the light bulb was weird and darker, but not entirely worse. Here are 12 ways it was definitely different than the electric world we know now…


Before artificial light, people could see the Milky Way. CRACKEDCOr An estimated 80% of people today have never seen the Milky Way due to light pollut

Source: PBS


Common candles smelled bad. Unless you were rich and lived near a candle maker, people in the U.S. (where bees weren't common yet) would save dripping

Source: New-York Historical Society


In some European cities, thieves tripped victims by stretching ropes across narrow streets. CRACKEDc Outside of London, thieves would knock riders dow

Source: At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past


People would sneak into houses in the day, hide under beds, and attack at night. These night-sneaks struck when people were defenseless, often targe

Source: At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past


Ecologically, we were probably better off. CRACKED COM Putting aside fossil fuels, modern night light usage causes sea turtles to wander in-land and m

Source: Pacific Standard


Before Christmas lights, people used candles, but it caused issues. CRACKEDCO People had a difficult time figuring out how to keep the candles on the

Source: Aletia


For most of history, people used to gather around campfires to tell stories and sing songs. CRACKEDcO With individual sources of light, we are more li

Source: Pacific Stanndard


Building architecture completely changed when daylight wasn't the primary source of light. By the 1930s, a windowless building was an actual design op

Source: National Museum of American History


Pre-industrial soceties have far fewer sleep problems. For example, people in the Hadza tribe in Tanzania universally self-reporting sleep well.

Source: BBC


People slept in segments. First sleep lasted until around midnight. CRACKEDCO Before second sleep, people would get up to pee, smoke, read, have s

Source: The Guardian


People used to know every inch of their neighborhoods. ORACKEDCON It was necessary to navigate by only the light of the moon.

Source: The Guardian


In Sweden, people would push furniture against the walls before going to bed. 2.500 CRACKED CON They did this to avoid bumping into furniture in the m

Source: The Guardian