14 Smart People Who Said And Did Utterly Dumb Things

Everybody makes mistakes. It's just that, when you have money, influence, or political power, you're able to make some pretty gigantic screw-ups. Here are a few times smart people fell short of the high standards they'd set for themselves:


David Petraeus' insecurity: 2012 CRACKED.COM The director of the CIA started hooking up with his biographer, and thought he could keep the whole thing


David Bowie on the future of copyright: 2002 CRACKED COM Bowie predicted some major changes to the music industry. While he didn't see Songs of Innoce

21 Totally Dumb Things Said By Powerful People


Elizabeth Fleischmann's marketing prowess: 1905 CRACKED COM The self-taughty t radiophotographer opened California's first X-ray lab. People already k


Michael Douglas on cunnilingus: 2013 CRACKEDCON He stated, correctly, that HPV can be transmitted via oral sex. But he should have bitten his tongue b

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Yukio Mishima's attempted coup: 1970 The young, wildly successful Japanese author spent two years recruiting a cult of 4 extremely fit teens to restor

7 'Eccentric' Geniuses Who Were Clearly Just Insane


Michelangelo's bathing habits: 16TH CENTURY CRACKED COM The brilliant painter reportedly slept in his clothes SO frequently that the skin came away,

7 'Eccentric' Geniuses Who Were Clearly Just Insane


Bill Gates on SPAM: 2004 CRACKEDCO Gates had some high hopes for spam filters back in 2004: Two years from now, spam will be solved. He envisioned a


Atari to Jobs and Wozniak: 1976 JI ATARL CRACKEDCON When Jobs offered to sell him the rights to his personal computer, Atari president Joe Keenan said

21 Totally Dumb Things Said By Powerful People