13 Movie, Science, And History Now-You-Know Obscure Facts

Perhaps it'll brighten your day to learn that the oldest joke on record is about farts. But in case it doesn't, we have 12 other interesting facts for you. Facts like ...


The oldest known joke is about farts. It's a 3,900-year-old Sumerian joke that goes Something which has never occurred since time immemorial - a youn

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Beethoven used exactly 60 beans in his cup of coffee. This was SO important to him, he would often count every bean when he made coffee. NOW YOU KNOW

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College student Katy Ayers made a mushroom canoe, and she paddles it in rural Nebraska. The canoe is made out of mycelium -- the root-like, undergroun

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When Lenin spoke English, he had an lrish accent. Specifically, he had a Rathmines accent (Rathmines is a Dublin suburb). Apparently, when Lenin was i

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Joe Keery originally wasn't supposed to play Steve in Stranger Things. He auditioned for Jonathan, along with everybody across the country, but they

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You might have seen some of Independence Day's sets in other movies. Independence Day .Crimson Tide They used the submarine interior from Crimson Tide

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Billy Zabka got into martial arts because of The Karate Kid. He didn't know any martial arts going into the movie, and he kept training karate for fiv

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Laura looking at the casino mannequins is a surprisingly important shot in Logan. It's the first time she looks at someone's hands holding another's,

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Black Panther's London sequence is full of blue (for a reason). The image is tinted blue, and nearly everyone is wearing it - because, according to th

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In the '70s, as part of the Apollo program, NASA was going to build a moon base for six people. The project was only cancelled because Nixon saw the A

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We've only been cultivating blueberries for about 100 years. In 1911, botanist Frank Coville figured out that blueberries need highly acidic soil, whi

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Bill Withers got into music when he found out how much Lou Rawls was making. He heard a nightclub manager complaining that Rawls was late even though

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In 1994, an abandoned village became accessible for the first time in 50 years. The village of Fabbriche di Careggine in Italy was flooded in 1946 SO

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