13 Movie-Related (And Other) Cool Arcane Facts

It's to our collective detriment that the Jurassic Park movies haven't yet featured Chris Pratt fighting a Ubirajara jubatus. For more details on this majestic dinosaur, and 12 other things, keep scrolling …


The look of Total Recall's villain was an accident. When actor Ronny Cox was being fitted for a mask they needed for a visual effect, they slicked bac

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Dairy Queen is in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as a throwback to James Gunn's childhood. DO Grill Chill Gunn put it there to evoke the memory of being yo

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The Godfather IT's golden telephone scene is based on a real event. In the movie, the UTT Corporation gave Cuba's dictator Fulgencio Batista a golden

Source: AMC


Composer Hans Zimmer had a big hand in shaping Interstellar. Christopher Nolan asked Zimmer to write a short composition based on a one-page short sto

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In the early '90s, an Arkansas man put up a 6-acre Christmas display. tftt Jennings Osborne's display had 3.5 million lights illuminating angels, rein

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In December 1862, General Grant banned Jews from the Tennessee district. Jews were engaged in war profiteering by trading cotton on the black market,

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In Borneo, there are toxic exploding ants. When a swarm of these ants is attacked, some of them bite down on the attacker, swing their backsides close

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We can recycle glass and metal forever. The quality of plastic keeps dropping as it gets recycled over and over -- but metal and glass keep their qual

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A super-bizarre dinosaur lived 110 million years ago in what's now Brazil. Ubirajara jubatus had two legs, an incredibly long feathery mane, and two w

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There was a female astronaut training program in the '60s. The Mercury 13 program was run by William Randolph Lovelace I, the doctor who also ran the

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Until 1993, French parents had to pick baby names from a list. In 1993, the government finally allowed parents to name their kids what they want, but

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Jose Salvador Alvarenga survived for 438 days on a 23-foot fishing boat. He and Ezequiel Cordoba left Mexico for a deep-sea fishing trip, and got swep

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Tim Burton wanted Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent in Batman for a really bizarre reason. Two-Face would have shown up in a sequel, and Burton says h

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