16 Real-Life Mad Scientists Deleted From Your History Books

Hey science is great, you know? It's given us lots of wonderful things like the human genome and peanut butter cups. But clearly, at some point, the pressure just gets to the great thinkers of the world. We feel you, scientists -- sometimes life pushes you to the snapping point. Which is why the following men said "screw it" and went rogue on the whole system..


Henry H.0 Head = 3, 3 Dr. Head severed his lown nerves SO he could experience firsthand what it was like. Over the course of several years, he had a f

Source: NY Times


Charles Guthrie TY- 3 THE NAJ EPO ORACKEDCOM Guthrie's work on vascular surgery should have won him the Nobel Prize. But the committee gave it to one

Source: NY Times


michael Persinger TY- 3 CRACKED CON Persinger invented a helmet to see God. It's a modified snowmobile helmet with magnetic fields, and most people wh

Source: Wired


Albert Bandura TY- 14 3 CRACKEDC COM Bandura showed kids a tape of adults beating up a clown. Then he brought in a real clown. Sure enough, the kids a

Source: Washington Post 


Carney HOO Landis = 3, 26 CRACKEDCON Landis drewlines on people's faces and took photos of them as he made them decapitate rats. The conclusions he dr

Source: Times of London


Giouanni HoO Aldini T= -3,14 This 9th-century Italian physicist liked electrocuting corpses. His most famous act involved displaying the body of a han

Source: Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 


Wilhelm Reich Y= CRACKEDCO Reich believed Sex generates a magical force called orgone energy and built metal boxes called orgone accumulators to harve

Source: The Guardian


Sidney H,O Gottlieb T- CRACKED COM Gottlieb headed the MKULTRA Iy project, tasked with studying LSD for interrogation.. But rather than confining his

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


Hwang Woo-Suk 14 3 CRACKEDCON Woo-Suk wants to clone a woolly mammoth, and he doesn't mind committing fraud to get it done. He embezzled funds to buy

Source: Wired


Robert Ha0 White T=  3,14 White transplanted one monkey's head onto another's body. The frankenmonkey survived but was paralyzed, as severing the spin

Source: CNN 


J.8.S.| Haldane T= 314 3 CRAGKEDCON Haldane crushed his spine performing decompression experiments on himself. So he suffered lifelong pain and bloody

Source: BioScience


Louis Jolyon p West TY= 3 CRACKED.OON Male elephants experience fits, SO West figured he could induce a bout of elephant rage with LSD. He gave it eno

Source: The Guardian


Sergei Brukhonenko TY- 314 14 3 VENOUS PUMP ARTERIAL PUMP CRACKEDCON This Soviet scientist was working on the first heart-lung machine. So he beheaded

Source: Nature


Max Pettenkofer TY- 3,14 14 3 GRACKEDOOM This German researcher extracted cholera from the diarrhea of a man who had died from the disease. Then he dr

Source: The Lancet 


jose Delgado 14 RADIC CRACKED co Delgado inserted -control chips into brains. He started with cats and monkeys, then he moved on to humans, including

Source: Scientific American


Duncan MacDougall T- 14 3 CRACKEDCO MacDougallweighed dying people before and after death to determine how much the soul weighs. He concluded that the

Source: NPR