16 Filmmakers Who Actually Apologized For Their Work

Hollywood is a place full of egomaniacal narcissists, so apologies, or any actual acknowledgment of wrongdoing, are pretty hard to find. It’s always somebody else’s fault. That’s why whenever a filmmaker actually says, “my bad,” it’s oh so much more special. 

There aren’t many to choose from, but we managed to scrounge together a list of filmmakers that apologized for their less-than-stellar work:


DEV PATEL is sorry about Avatar: The Last Airbender. NO NTo THEIAST ARBENDER IN3D In 2015, Patel admitted that it was hard promoting a film he didn't

The Guardian


TIM ROTH is sorry for his flattering portrayal of FIFA boss Sepp Blatter. - DEPARDIEU NEILL ROTH UNITED PASSIONS THe TRUE STORY OF THE WORLD CUP Roth



TIM KRING is sorry about the start of Heroes season two. HER OO In 2007, the Heroes creator called Entertainment Weekly and laid out in detail everyth

Entertainment Weekly


PAUL NEWMAN used ads to apologize for his first movie. SILVER CHALICE TH In 1966, Newman's debut movie, The Silver Chalice, was about to start a weekl

TIME & USA Today


MICHAEL BAY is sorry about Armageddon. AR.M In a 2013 interview, Bay apologized for the way the movie turned out, while also blaming its failures on s

Entertainment Weekly


MAHERSHALA ALI apologized to Don Shirley's family. REETY After finding out that Shirley's family was outraged over the way Green Book portrayed Don Sh



J.J. ABRAMS is sorry about all those lens flares. In an interview in 2013, Abrams acknowledged and apologized for his overuse of lens flares in his mo

The Verge


JIM CARREY apologized for doing Kick-Ass 2. A few months after Sandy Hook, the actor took to Twitter to issue an apology for doing the movie - saying



J.D. SHAPIRO is sorry for Battlefield Earth. 37 In 2010, Shaprio, the film's screenwriter, penned a column in the New York Post where he apologized t

New York Post


GERARD BUTLER apologized to the people of Ireland. GeS BUTLER SWANK L loveyou In a 2009 interview, Butler admitted he butchered the Irish accent in P.



GEORGE CLOONEY AND JOEL SCHUMACHER are both sorry for Batman & Robin. TN 0B Clooney says he regularly apologizes for the film and even keeps a picture

Deadline, YouTube & VICE


CHUCK LORRE apologized for Two and a Half Men during an acceptance speech. After winning a Television Academy Honors award for Mom in 2014, Lorre said



CHRIS CARTER is sorry for the way The X-Files ended. TON DEXTER Cliris Carter In a 2020 interview, The X-Files creator apologized for ending the show

Den of Geek


CAMERON CROWE apologized for casting Emma Stone as an Asian-American character. LO co. ake After much controversy about his decision to cast Stone in

The Verge


BEN RAMSEY is sorry for Dragon Ball: Evolution. Ramsey, the film's writer, took responsibility for the disappointment he caused to Dragon Ball fans du



DAMON LINDELOF is sorry for the way he treated Lost fans. Lindelof admits he didn't consider people who constantly complained about Lost as true fans