15 Extinct Animals We're Glad We Won't Run Into

“Wow, it'd be really cool to live among dinosaurs,” said no one who has seen and understood Jurassic Park. Here are some other creatures that we hope will stay extinct, as well. (Looking at you, Dr. Wu.) Noah left these monstrosities off the ark for a reason. 


Megarachne 300 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKEDCONM This creature's fossils were misidentified as the biggest spider to ever exist before we found out it w

Source: National Geographic


Jaekelopterus 400 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKEDCOMI The 9-foot-long sea scorpion would 'tear their prey to shreds and then eat the little pieces.

Source: Nature


Pulmonoscorpius 330 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKEDCON What's scarier than a scorpion? A two-foot-long scorpion.

Source: Prehistoric Wildlife


Haast's Eagle 500 YEARS AGO CRACKED COM The largest eagle ever known had a wingspan of almost 10 feet and was known to attack human children.

Source: New Zealand Birds Online


Gigantopithecus 100, 000 YEARS AGO CRACKED COM The largest ape in the world might give some truth to Bigfoot. It stood at 9 feet tall and might have a

Source: The Guardian


Megalodon 4 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACREDEOM One of the biggest fish to ever exist, this shark was 3 times as big the largest great white shark in history

Source: Natural History Museum


Megapiranha 10 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKED OON It's completely okay with me that this 3-foot-long, 22-pound piranha doesn't exist anymore.

Source: National Geographic


Titanoboa 60 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKED COM The 40-foot-long, 2,500-pound snake's diet consisted mostly of crocodiles.

Source: Smithsonian Magazine


Meganeura 300 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKED COM With a wingspan of 2.5 feet, these giant dragonfly-like creatures were carnivores who ate other insects an

Source: Furman University


Helicoprion 290 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKEDO This shark-like fish had a tooth-whorl, which meant instead of losing its teeth, each tooth was replaced an

Source: Phys.org


Anomalocaris canadensis 500 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKEDCON I certainly wouldn't want to see this terrifying, 3-foot-long shrimp wash up onshore during a

Source: Phys.org


Pentecopterus decorahensis 460 MILLION YEARS AGO The giant sea scorpion that could grow up to six feet would keep any rational human out of the ocean.

Source: Yale


Phoberomvs pattersoni 80 MILLION YEARS AGO wou If you think a mouse infestation is bad, imagine this 4-foot-tall, 9-foot-long, ,500-pound rodent roami

Source: Scientific American


Deinosuchus 80 MILLION YEARS AGO This creature was similar in appearance to its relative the alligator, but at a whooping 39 feet long, it probably at

Source: National Geographic


Dunkleosteus 360 MILLION YEARS AGO CRACKED CON Up to 20 feet long, this armored fish had something-like fangs and self-sharpening jawbones.

Source: Cleveland Museum of Natural History