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28 Yearbook Shots Fictional Characters Don't Want You to See

It's never explicitly stated, but all your favorite fictional characters no doubt had their formative years. Hell, you even watched some of these characters live through them. So it goes without saying that all of them have yearbook photos.


Crackedoids: Christopher Lee Is a Badass Edition

Here are a few things you can share on social media to make yourself seem smarter.


18 Horrifying Things Hidden in the Fine Print

When they say to read the fine print, you better read it.


21 Super Bowl Commercials They Don't Have the Balls to Make

Advertisers will spend millions of dollars per minute of air time on Super Bowl Sunday, and let's face it, most of what they come up with just isn't worth it.


20 Crucial Tips for Not Getting Screwed by the Legal System

Look, we all know the Man is out to get you at every turn. With their laws and their guns and their ... other ... laws.


5 Things No One Tells You About the First Year of Parenthood

After a year of diaper fighting, I now brim with parenting wisdom.


The 23 Most Crushing Insults from All of History

Some burns are so bad that they're felt across a generation.


The 30 Most Inappropriate Children's Books Possible

One has to be delicate when writing a children's book. One wrong word or phrase can take the entire moral you're trying to put across. Which is why it's probably good these pages probably got left on the cutting room floor.


21 Marketing Tactics That Only Make Us Hate the Product

With decades and decades of clever advertising beneath society's feet, it's understandable that some trends in marketing are getting a bit ... annoying.


14 Mind-Blowing Art Projects You Have to See in Motion

The news is awful, movies are nothing more than recycled garbage, and The Legend of Korra is over -- nothing left to do now but stare at mesmerizing awesomeness.


The Top 25 Cracked Articles of 2014

The views have been tallied. The critics have been ignored. Nothing but the hits: the 25 most crazy popular articles we put up this year.


We've Survived Another Year! Make It Count.

Whatever you call the holidays, one thing is universal: We don't get many of them.


18 People Who Tried To Look Cool (And Failed Spectacularly)

We asked our readers to show us what happens when people stop paying attention when attempting to be awesome.


22 Shopping Hacks For Outsmarting Stores and Restaurants

It's the holidays and everyone is trying to take that cash you worked hard doing unsavory back-alley antics to get. Fortunately, we here at Cracked love you and are happy to help you keep that dirty money.