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5 Romantic Ways To Get Revenge on That Special Someone

The most successful techniques for irritating your ex are tightly tied to the techniques that originally won her heart. By adapting well established wooing techniques to suit your childish needs, we've created the following list of revenge techniques, sure to mildly annoy your one time lover.


The Spambot Who Seduced Me: A True Story of Forbidden Love

I will hold out hope that she was murdered while writing me back.


Reminder: 12 'Sexy' Ads That Will Give You Nightmares

In the wrong hands a sexy ad can turn into the stuff nightmares are made of. Not even sexy nightmares, either.


You Write, Millions Read, We Pay You Money: Deal?

Want to write something that a million people will read? We may have something that will interest you greatly.


7 Sex Tips from Cosmo That Will Put You in the Hospital

Indian burns for your junk! Thanks Cosmo!


The Worst Possible Time to Get An Erection

There are right and wrong times for everything. This is arguably more true for erections than anything else in the world.




6 Ridiculous Sex Myths (That Are Actually True)

The only thing more awesome than an urban legend turning out to be true is if that same legend involves some sort of nefarious sex or groin related hilarity.