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7 (Thankfully) Extinct Giant Versions of Modern Animals

In prehistoric times, you would've had to wear a diaper wherever you went on account of these pants-shittingly huge monsters ready to eat you.


6 Terrible Ideas That Science Says Will Save the Planet

Plans to save the planet straight from the scientists at 'Futurama' University.


The 6 Most Badass Robots (Invented Before Electricity)

You might think that robots are strictly a 20th century invention, but you'd be sorely mistaken: At the same time that the human race thought stomach aches were just tiny, enchanted dwarfs casting hunger spells, a few brilliant souls (possibly aliens) were actually building full functional robots.


6 Human Character Flaws (That Saved the Species)

It turns out that all of our bad habits came about for a reason, and in order to become nature's biggest winners, we first had to act like pretty big losers.


6 Shockingly Evil Things Babies Are Capable Of

Why, you little shit.


6 Logical Fallacies That Cost You Money Every Day

Your brain is a dangerous to the rest of yourself. Also, it's a dick.


The 6 Most Bizarre Global Warming Side Effects

Apparently the side-effects stretch further than smug hippies. Shocking, we know.


7 Movies You Didn't Know Can Come True (With Mental Illness)

Which mental disorder allows us to make out with Scarlett Johansson?


5 Clothing Innovations That Will be Annoying You Soon

Where are the jumpsuits?


The 7 Most Pointlessly Horrifying Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery has blessed us with something our forefathers never had: huge boobs on skinny girls. But science, and shallow people with extra money to throw around, were not satisfied with that miracle.


6 Adorable Cat Behaviors With Shockingly Evil Explanations

There seem to be two kinds of people in the world: those who don't understand cats, and those who think cats are dicks. Guess which camp science is in?


6 Ways Your Body Loves to Screw You (Explained by Science)

Your body is out to destroy you, and we've got the science to prove it.


6 Ways You Can (Accidentally) Attract the Ladies: Update

It turns out many of the most important things you do to attract the opposite sex have nothing to do with skill.


5 Forms of Black Magic That Science Is Making Possible

Next stop: Dragons? PLEASE?!


6 Things Your Body Does Every Day That Science Can't Explain

There are everyday phenomenons you'd think must have been explained ages ago, but in reality asking these simple questions of a scientist will net you at best a shrug, and at worst some bullshit he just made up off the top of his head.