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The 5 Most Embarrassing Architectural Failures Ever

Even architects, foremen and chief engineers come in to work hungover once in a while, and that's when we get failures like these.


5 Creepy Ways They're Replacing Humans with Robots

Brockway is on to you, robots.


6 Surprisingly Advanced Ways Animals Use Medicine

We humans think we're so smart. Sure, animals are good for a laugh or two, but if one of them gets sick, who's going to take care of it? Either it's some sympathetic human or nobody. It's not like animals have doctors and medicine. Right?


6 Real Planets That Put Science Fiction to Shame

As space exploration advances and we start to learn what's really on the surface of those distant worlds, it becomes increasingly clear that our imagination has no chance of competing with the jaw-dropping, pants-peeing craziness outer space is capable of cooking up.


7 Theories on Time That Would Make Doc Brown's Head Explode

There are a few things in this world that we can always rely on as constants: The sun will always rise and time will inevitably march forward. Except that the sun doesn't rise and time ... well, time is tricky, too.


4 Realizations That Will Ruin Science Fiction for You

I learned a few things while writing science fiction that I never realized while reading it -- some of which will ruin your favorite properties forever


6 Counterintuitive Tricks to Beating Popular Game Shows

Deal or No Deal went to great lengths to hide the fact there was a simple equation behind the whole thing.


7 Reasons Ants Will Inherit the Earth

When the empires of men finally fall and the memory of our hubris has faded to dust, ants will still be here, running shit.


6 Real People With Mind-Blowing Mutant Superpowers: Update

We've all dreamed of having superpowers at some point (today), and these are the rare cases where people actually got them.


5 Reasons Rats Are Way Scarier Than You Think

Rats are kind of creepy and gross, but they're not all that bad, right? Wrong.


8 Humans Whose Eating Habits Would Make a Goat Puke

Lots of people have their own personal diet plans, and nutritionists don't always agree on which one is best. Nutritionists do agree that everything on this list is a bad idea.


5 Seemingly Innocent Ways You've Screwed The World Today

Maybe you hippies are on to something -- a huge chunk of the damage we're doing to the world is due to things you probably didn't even know you were doing.


6 Myths Everyone Believes about Space (Thanks to Movies)

Yep, it's not enough for space to make us feel small -- it needs to make us feel stupid, too.


5 Creepy Forms of Mind Control You're Exposed to Daily

We know what you're thinking: You're far too cynical to fall for the ads you fast forward through on your DVR or the little tricks employed by marketers and politicians to push your subconscious buttons. But are you sure?


The 6 Weirdest Ways Wild Animals Are Having to Adapt to Us

Humanity's only effect on the animal kingdom isn't just pure destruction; in fact, sometimes our ecological footprint looks more like a clown shoe.