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6 Shocking Studies That Prove Science Is Totally Broken

One thing we've learned, as a site that likes to publish reader-friendly science articles, is how much of the stuff that comes our way is, well, worthless.


5 Weird Inventions Science Is Creating Just to Gross Us Out

It seems some engineers would like to take us past the uncanny valley and make us empathize with our inevitable robot overlords.


5 Sentences You Never Have to Finish

Society has noticed that there are certain scenarios where a few unfinished words and a gesture or facial expression get the job done. Here are five.


Why 2013 Gave Us Reason to Care About Space Again

I firmly believe that a decade from now we will all look back on this year as one of the most important years of space travel in human history.


5 Weird Psychological Dangers of Giving People Gifts

The whole gift-exchange scenario is a lose-lose situation. Science has spent a surprising amount of time studying it an everything you thought you knew is wrong.


5 Basic Things You Won't Believe Science Can't Explain

In school you learned a few scientific concepts that prepared you for a lifetime of understanding. And we're about to take that away from you.


6 Substances That Wipe Their Ass With the Laws of Physics

It's worth reiterating that modern geniuses are more than capable of mooning physics with the twin butt-cheeks of innovation and technology.


5 Ways We're Designing Robots to Be Total Assholes

We have hit that theoretical point in time when our machines become bigger dicks than we are.


The 5 Most Epic Acts of Trolling in the History of Science

It turns out some scientists not only have a sense of humor, but can be sassy little shits if you give them half a chance ... even if it means damaging their own careers or entire scientific fields in the process.


19 Home Remedies You Won't Believe Actually Work

It turns out that some very common household products can be used for extraordinary medicinal uses.


18 Facts That Will Make You Terrified of Everyday Objects

The world is a dangerous place more so in ways you totally wouldn't expect than in ways you would.


Watch Cracked Live! Help Us Save the World!

As you've no doubt noticed, we here at 'the Cracked' are primarily motivated by charitable concerns ... just kidding!


28 Real Animal Abilities You Won't Believe

It turns out you don't have to watch the latest Marvel flick to see uncanny abilities.


5 True Stories of Killer Animals Too Unrealistic for a Movie

It's freaky when actual animals turn into serial killers, stalking prey and evading capture in a way that makes the shark in 'Jaws' look like an incompetent asshole.