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5 Amazing Ways Animals Can Control Their Bodies

In the game of "Pick a Superpower" let us submit some lesser known yet still amazing bodily functions that would be life-changing or, if nothing else, hilarious.


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Babies are simply not prepared for the world when they arrive, and that's why Mother Nature tricks you into making sure they survive.


6 Mental Conditions That Could Be Mistaken for Superpowers

In the interest of karmic rebalancing, I've identified a number of rare mental conditions that, when looked at in a slightly different light, appear to be less a cause for mockery and more a cause for envy.


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Science says that testosterone levels in America are disappearing like there's no tomorrow. But why?


6 Elaborate Science Experiments Done Just for the Hell of It

It turns out that a huge amount of the scientific research done in the world seems to be based entirely on shits and giggles.


5 Seemingly Harmful Things That Make You Live Longer

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5 Workplaces Annoyances That Can Actually Boost Creativity

Science shows that almost everything you hate about your shitty office actually makes you more creative.


7 Bizarre Prehistoric Versions of Modern-Day Animals

Nobody ever cranks out a masterpiece in one sitting. Not even Mother Nature gets it right the first time.


9 Animals That Are Just Lazy Combinations of Other Animals

Remember the first time you saw a platypus as a kid and for a moment refused to believe that nature would really create an animal that looks like a duck had sex with a beaver? Well guess what, the world is actually full of bizarre mashup creatures like that, some of them hilarious and some of them terrifying, all of them looking like the result of


5 Everyday Things That Can Literally Drive You Crazy

Your brain is just another part of your body, and just as you can get a cold by touching a doorknob somebody sneezed on, there are all sorts of random and innocuous things that can make it go haywire.


5 Of Life's Most Mundane Problems (Solved With Math)

Not everyone can discover the cure for cancer, which is apparently why a whole lot of scientists opt to research other, more mundane things.


The 6 Most Mind-Blowing Superpowers of Bees

If you thought that flitting around flowers and falling over dead were the only things bees were good at, then you are sorely misinformed, friend.


8 Ordinary Photos Hiding Mind-Blowing Details

Sometimes a photo that looks completely boring and mundane at first glance can reveal mind-blowing details once you bother to take a closer look at it. Like two visible areolas.