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6 Things Movies Don't Show You About Being an Archaeologist

My name is Hadas Levine, and I'm the woman who has to pick up Indy's slack while he sword-fights and flirts with teenagers.


5 Mind-Blowing Things Found Hiding in Our Own Solar System

There's actually more to our sun's 'hood than meets the eye, and if you just give it a chance, it may surprise you.


The 6 Stealthiest Disguises in the Animal Kingdom

Luckily, there are no terrible spiders that look exactly like computer mice. Or...are there?


4 Plasma Technologies That Put Video Game Weapons to Shame

A video game developer's entire job is imagining awesome new technologies to explode, and even they can't beat plasma.


5 Terrifying Ways Being in Love Chemically Impairs You

Love does things to a person. And science has weighed in on the subject to let us know that love triggers all sorts of weird chemical and physical changes inside our brains and bodies.


5 Environmental Myths Too Many People Still Believe

It's not unreasonable to conclude that activities that ruin that air, water, or dirt are something we should at least consider minimizing.


6 Surprising Ways Life Looks Different With Terminal Disease

My name is Jay, and I have cystic fibrosis. While I'd gladly trade CF for the ability to fire optic blasts or control the weather (I won't even get greedy and ask for a superhuman healing factor), it's still taught me a few things.


21 Biblical Weather Events That Actually Happened

Whether it's God, Mother Nature, or an underground gnome with a weather machine, someone is clearly dicking around with us.


10 Insane Diets No One Should Ever Try

It's a new year, and that means itemized self-loathing. On everyone's list? Some insane diet fad or another.


7 Adorable Animals That Spawn Terrifying Babies

If it wasn't for pictures and videos of cute baby animals, the Internet as we know it would probably cease to exist. But we feel that such widespread dissemination of cuteness may be giving you the wrong idea of what's actually out there.


6 Creepy Artificial Animals You Won't Believe Exist

Quick: animals or robots? As in, which of them will be the first to get tired of humanity's bullshit and rise against us? Trick question: It's both!


5 Awesome Planets We Used to Think Were in Our Solar System

Once we go back a few decades, to a time when our knowledge of the solar system was based mainly on squinting really hard at the sky, all sorts of crazy adventures took place on improbable planets believed to exist right here in our own solar system.


5 Terrible Things That Are So Great They Can't Be Improved

These things are just as they should be, warts and all.


5 Real Planets Way Weirder Than Anything in Science Fiction

It turns out that the only 'theme' a real planet can have is unbridled, awestruck terror.


5 Amazing Magical Powers Created by Simple Science

Science can do things that not only seem like magic, but make magic tricks look like a bunch of ridiculous bullshit.