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6 Performance-Enhancing Drugs More Common Than You Think

Seeking, as always, to provide dangerously underresearched advice to our readers, Cracked set to work dangerously underresearching this.


5 Insane Sci-Fi Weapons That Now Exist in Reality

There are two kinds of scientists in this world -- those whose discoveries will lead the planet into a new era of enlightenment, and those whose research will inevitably be stolen by terrorists who enjoy dressing up as snakes. This article is dedicated to this second group.


5 Popular Self-Help Tips That Actually Hurt Your Career

We follow the advice of self-help books or motivational guides -- sure, a lot of those things are probably BS, but it can't hurt to give them a try, right? (Hint: Wrong.)


5 Insane Theories About Why We Haven't Discovered Alien Life

We can say with a candor close to absolute certainty that nobody on Earth will ever see warp drive starships or quad-breasted space women from the Crab Nebula, because for a number of reasons, the chances of us ever meeting any aliens are slim to none. Why? Well ...


5 Scientific Ways to Trick Yourself into Being a Good Person

We don't want to always be negative here. Are there ways you can trick yourself for the better? Sure.


The 5 Craziest Things People Are Doing With Dead Animals

The next time you have a dead body, whether it be something you hunted, purchased, or even once loved, why not let one of these meat puppet maestros work their magic?


The 7 Most Bizarre Objects to Ever Fall from the Sky

You've probably heard the urban legend about the time it rained frogs somewhere, or seen news stories about a meteorite that crashed through a roof and landed feet away from somebody's recliner. But in the annals of baffling objects that have come raining down from the heavens, you find much weirder examples.


The 5 Strangest Cases of Simultaneous Invention

Here are some of the most famous discoveries of all time, and their equally famous discoverers, and also the sad people in the shadows who discovered the same things seconds too late.


5 Bizarre Factors That Secretly Influence Your Opinions

In many ways, our opinions define us. And yet, every single day, scores of weird and seemingly insignificant things are twisting our preferences.


5 Ways You Can Improve the World With Almost No Effort

Good news: For absolutely no effort or cost whatsoever, you can make profound differences in the world.


5 Astronauts More Badass Than Any Action Movie Hero

Please excuse the brevity of this article. A true list of everyone who was awesome in space should be everyone who ever went to space.


5 Real Medical Treatments That Seem More Like Sick Pranks

Sometimes the craziest ideas have science on their side, so don't be so quick to call your doctor a quack if he or she recommends these.


6 Underrated Predators With Mind-Blowing Abilities

Obviously, you don't stand a chance in the wild -- not when animals like these are out there murdering each other with what might as well be magic powers.


The 6 Greatest Acts of Trolling in the History of Science

Science has seen some epic trolling over the years, so much so that it at times makes 4chan look like a chamber of reasoned discourse.


The 6 Most Bizarre Things Ever Discovered in Space

Humanity has been looking out into space for thousands of years, and the most important thing we've discovered over that time is that everything is crazy weird out there.