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So You're Stuck in a Time Loop

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The 6 Most Baffling Science Experiments Ever Funded

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6 Mind Blowing Things Nobody Taught You About Black Holes

Black holes are what happens when the universe divides by zero and eats anything that tries to notice.


5 Animals That Could Take Over the World (If They Wanted To)

Not a day goes by without someone here at Cracked fantasizing about punching an animal for humanity's sake.


5 Diabolical Ways Your Body Tricks You into Being Fat

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5 Daily Annoyances That Must Be Part of a Secret Experiment

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6 Performance-Enhancing Drugs More Common Than You Think

Seeking, as always, to provide dangerously underresearched advice to our readers, Cracked set to work dangerously underresearching this.


5 Insane Sci-Fi Weapons That Now Exist in Reality

There are two kinds of scientists in this world -- those whose discoveries will lead the planet into a new era of enlightenment, and those whose research will inevitably be stolen by terrorists who enjoy dressing up as snakes. This article is dedicated to this second group.


5 Popular Self-Help Tips That Actually Hurt Your Career

We follow the advice of self-help books or motivational guides -- sure, a lot of those things are probably BS, but it can't hurt to give them a try, right? (Hint: Wrong.)