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Cracked sat down with Vijay Welch-Young, a man who had chest-slicing, cancer-dicing heart surgery without general anesthesia, which means he was awake for THE WHOLE THING.


6 Lessons You Learn On Long Road Trips

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Psychologists have recently specified a new official personality category called


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The road to a successful relationship is so filled with surprising potholes and dangerous crevasses that it's kind of amazing the human race hasn't given up and gone extinct millennia ago.


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5 Things I Learned Cutting My Boobs Off to Avoid Cancer

Some people know cancer is coming, thanks to a certain gene mutation they can get tested for. Rather than take this sitting down, Eden Dranger opted to have her boobs removed before they could make her sick.


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4 Reasons The Mars One Fiasco Was Actually Good For Humanity

The public unraveling of Mars One is actually great news for anyone who is serious about the future of humanity.


5 Things You Should Know When Visiting a Psychic

When the idea of visiting the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp to chat with a few of the more prominent dead people in my life came up during a recent trip to Florida, I was all for it.


5 Insane Things Science Just Found Out About the Human Body

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5 Weirdly Satisfying Scientific Explanations for Superpowers

Superheroes are totally real, you guys! Or, at least, some scientists have come up with some pretty neat explanations for how their powers would work.