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5 Insane Lies You Probably Believe About American Families

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Major Surgery With No Painkillers: 5 Things I Learned

Cracked sat down with Vijay Welch-Young, a man who had chest-slicing, cancer-dicing heart surgery without general anesthesia, which means he was awake for THE WHOLE THING.


6 Lessons You Learn On Long Road Trips

It's 2 AM on a Monday and here you are, covered in blood, with a bag over your shoulder. And you're asking me to help you. It's just ... I dunno. I dunno man.


5 Sayings Smart People Love To Debunk (Science Proved True)

Psychologists have recently specified a new official personality category called


5 Tiny Things Secretly Determining Who You Have Sex With

The road to a successful relationship is so filled with surprising potholes and dangerous crevasses that it's kind of amazing the human race hasn't given up and gone extinct millennia ago.


6 Bizarre Medical Conditions That Shouldn't Be Possible

In the name of preparedness (and giving hypochondriacs something new to obsess over), we want to let you know of a few things.


5 Things I Learned Cutting My Boobs Off to Avoid Cancer

Some people know cancer is coming, thanks to a certain gene mutation they can get tested for. Rather than take this sitting down, Eden Dranger opted to have her boobs removed before they could make her sick.