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The Secret Of NIMH Was Inspired By A Horrific Experiment

NIMH was a real place and their rat experiments were way darker than the book, movie or your nightmares depicted!


8 Ways Earth Will Look Freaking Insane In Thousands Of Years

There's a good chance that Future Earth will look like a 5-year-old's attempt at making the planet out of mismatched Lego pieces.


How To Stay Motivated, According To Science

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5 Huge Innovations Held Back By Plain Human Stupidity

Human Innovation is an unstoppable steamroller, until it collides with the steamroller that is Human Stupidity.


Actual Science That Looks Like Something Out Of Harry Potter

We often joke that science is a form of dark magic, but now we're kinda starting to believe it.


I'm A Bee Detective (Seriously), And My Job Is Crazy AF

A lot of wacky misunderstandings happen when you're cruising around in a beemobile.


4 Shocking Reasons Veterinarians Have A Huge Risk Of Suicide

Veterinarians kill themselves at four times the rate of the general population -- that's twice as likely to commit suicide as dentists and other medical practitioners.


23 Helpful Shortcuts For Keeping Yourself Fed

You'll pretty much be the next Gordon Ramsay after reading this -- complete with excessive swearing.


21 Surprising Things That Affect Your Mental Health

Science has given you permission to eat more chocolate.


Dirt For Dinner: Living With The Weird Condition Called Pica

Remember that kid in grade school whose favorite food was paste? Maybe they grew out of it, grew up into a normal adult -- or maybe they nurtured that tendency and developed a full-on eating disorder.


5 Simple Ways to Save Thousands of Lives (Nobody Does)

Us no-smart-brain people tend to think that big problems require incredibly difficult solutions. But, well, of course that isn't always the case.


How Shady Tech Support Schemes Are Scamming Old People

Warning: This article may cause you to violently punch your screen.


5 Real Space Experiments That Are Clearly Horror Movie Plots

Space might think of itself as a final frontier, but for boundless human ingenuity, it's just another hurdle to insanity-scream our way over.