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Reminder: 7 Real World Heists That Put 'Ocean's 11' to Shame

Danny Ocean might have had some big plans in his movies, but he can't hold a candle to some of history's more daring real-life thieves.


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8 Horribly Misguided 'Futuristic' Video Game Controllers

Just in case you need another reason to fondle your genitals.


6 Reasons Homemade Porn is a Worse Idea Than You Think

Thanks to a string of C-list celebrities and low budget websites, the idea of a home sex tape is now more reasonable than ever. Who would turn down a chance to hump on camera? Not me. Not you. Not anyone. But let this be a warning to you, some things do not belong on camera.


6 Slang Terms With Surprisingly Badass Origins

Just like superheroes, words have origin stories, and we guarantee that these six are about a thousand times less shitty than Wolverine.


The 6 Most Baffling Nobel Prizes Ever Awarded

Someone PLEASE nominate Cracked.


7 Books We Lost to History That Would Have Changed the World

If they had Internet back then, they would've never lost these books.


6 Rulers Who Abused Their Power In Hilariously Insane Ways

It probably wasn't all that awesome living under these rulers, but it's a lot of fun to read about them from afar.


6 Assassination Attempts that Almost F#@cked the World

Some assassination attempts have come dangerously close to changing the world forever. We're not saying we'd be living in a land of breakdancing dinosaurs and chocolate flavored rainbows if a few things had gone the other way ... we're just saying we might all be Nazis.


6 Insanely Awesome Things The 1900s Thought We'd Have by Now

If only these free-thinkers had lived. America would be so awesome.


5 Real Buried Treasures That Can Make You Rich (Or Kill You)

You could be rolling in gold coins by the end of the week. If you can find them. And survive.


The Top 10 Decades of the Century: How The 2000s Compared

Recently, 'Time' named the 00s the worst decade ever. This is a clearly ridiculous notion.


The Top 5 Appropriately Great/Awful Everything of the Decade

Tired of lists that only focus on the good stuff? Us too. We're ranking our picks for the most appropriately great/awful everything this decade.


The 6 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Historic Treasures

Hey, a mummy! We needed a paperweight, right?