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5 Simple Things You Won't Believe Are Recent Inventions

We're impressed by new gizmos, sure, but we tend to forget that even the most obvious, basic concepts had to be invented at some point. And some of them were shockingly recent.


The 5 Most Ridiculous Assassination Plots Ever Attempted

Murder is no joke. Failed assassination attempts are.


5 Fictional Stories You Were Taught in History Class

Forget about Stephanie Meyer or JK Rowling or Stephen King--at the end of the day, they just write stories and make billions of dollars. No, the writers who really deserve a pat on the back are the ones who wrote completely fictional stories that, over time, were remembered as actual history.


5 Inventions You Won't Believe Came From War

You can't deny that armed conflicts gave us some pretty good things, such as major advances in everything from rockets to microwave ovens. Oh, and this stuff.


7 Famous Works of Art With Bizarre Mistakes You Can't Unsee

Cracked: Finding dicks in academia since 1956.


6 Amazingly High-Tech Ancient Weapons

One thing you should never underestimate is mankind's ability to come up with cool-ass ways to kill each other.


5 Real Historical Death Stars (Complete With Baffling Flaws)

Why did the Empire spend all that time and money building the Death Star, only to leave that vulnerable exhaust port wide open? That question marks the end of your naive childhood and the beginning of your life as a cynical adult.


5 Ridiculous Ancient Beliefs That Turned Out to Be True

Once again, the nutbags that are our ancestors beat us to the punch.


5 World Changing Decisions Made For Ridiculous Reasons

Apparently some of the most important changes in pop culture and world history have turned on some guy shrugging and saying, 'screw it.'


6 Acts of Propaganda That Backfired Hilariously

When fooling the world is your business, there isn't much room for mistakes. Or so you'd think.


The 6 Worst Jobs Ever (Were Done by Children)

Back in the day, people had only one reason to produce offspring: To force them to do the abhorrently awful work no grown person would dare to.


6 Things From History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly: Classic

Unsurprisingly, our image of the past is largely made up of Hollywood inventions, propaganda and uneducated guesses.


8 Historic Symbols That Mean The Opposite of What You Think

Wwhat do you do if the real world doesn't provide you with something people can rally around? Just go ahead an embelish the truth.


5 True War Stories That Put Every Action Movie to Shame

Here are five groups of soldiers that prove that no matter how implausible the plot, some military unit, somewhere, has topped it.