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That Time Britain's MI5 Employed Boy Scouts As Spies

Be prepared (to garrot enemy infiltrators)


5 Real Survival Adventures That Deserve Their Own Movies

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6 Inspiring Political Quotes From History (That Today Would Be Mocked Mercilessly)

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Bobbing For Apples, Like Most Things, Started For Sex Reasons

Hundreds of years ago, it was a game you played to flirt with your target, like pub trivia today.


Russia's 'GTA Gang' Was As Cartoonishly Violent As They Sound

5 Stars -- the Moscow police.


The Horrific Mystery Of The Arctic's Stupidest Expedition

Over a hundred men died, and it all happened because one Sir John Franklin just couldn't stop pitching a tent for an unbelievably bad idea ...


Victorian-Era 'Willy Wonka' Gave Kids Poisoned Candy

Please, sir, can I have some more arsenic?


Oddly Gendered Reason Why Homes Are Ugly Now

Wright’s heart was in the right place, but his head was probably distracted by some stained glass.


The Year That We Had 15 Months

The Roman calendar wasn't made in a day -- or in a normal year.


Photos Of The Past That Look Like Trippy Fantasy

Today is the day we'll all look at a guy wearing a pufferfish as a helmet.


The Mysterious Post-Death Journey Of Rasputin’s Dick

Moral of the story: Never buy a severed dick.


Jimmy Carter's Hemorrhoids Offer A Weird Historical Parallel To Trump's White House

It must have been a real pain in the butt for the former President to speak out about his condition.


The Inspiring Tale Of America's First Dumb Trashy Millionaire

Even back then a McMansion couldn't buy class.