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5 Priests Who Turned Badass When Things Got Critical

The downside of being a man of God in a military setting is that there really is a cap on how much ass-kicking you can do. (Sometimes.)


5 Ridiculous Modern Fashions With Badass Historical Origins

It seems like fashion trends these days are nothing but pointless peacocking, but you might be surprised to find out that many of them arose from a very genuine need.


6 Images That Ruined the Lives of People They Made Famous

WARNING: SOME OF THESE IMAGES ARE DISTURBING. We have censored where necessary, but if you're sensitive, you might still want to stay away.


The 6 Most Hilariously Petty Abuses of Military Power

We're all for goofing around at work -- our entire business model is based on it. But when that workplace is the military, you'd hope there wouldn't be people running around doing dumbass things.


5 Shockingly Progressive Ideas From 'Primitive' Cultures

We're not only less progressive today than you might think, but there have been some truly shocking moments of tolerance in history that make the modern world look downright bigoted.


7 Popular Old-Timey 'Hobbies' That Will Give You Nightmares

People used to have atomic bomb viewing parties. That is all.


5 Insane Strategies That Won Elections (and Changed History)

Sometimes, just sometimes, a politician gleefully ignores all the conventional weaponry and wins the battle by slapping the enemy down with the rubber chicken of nsanity.


5 Lies About the Vietnam War You Probably Believe

Many of the things you think you know about Vietnam turn out to be complete bullshit.


4 Amazing Stories Behind the Most WTF Photos from History

Here are four baffling historical pictures with amazing true backstories.


5 Conspiracy Theories That Are Shockingly Easy to Debunk

Even among theories like these (which count their believers in the millions), you find that the whole thing is usually based on some embarrassingly simple misunderstanding.


The 5 Most Incredibly Badass Acts of Nonviolence

Blessed are the peacemakers, right?


5 Ways Pirates Were Way More Modern Than You Realize

In some ways, pirates were bizarrely ahead of the societal curve. In fact, some of their viewpoints would be heartily endorsed by the campus newspaper of a liberal arts college.


5 Words You Use Every Day With Shockingly Dark Backstories

There are common words that you've probably used thousands of times in your life whose origins lay not in an inspired bard trying to expand the way we communicate, but in some dickholes messing with other people or just plain being nasty.


12 Early Uses of Electricity That Proves History Was F#@%ed

When mankind first figured out how this mysterious thing called electricity worked, everyone went a little crazy for a while there.