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The 6 Most Ridiculous Lies Ever Published as Nonfiction

The next time you read a biography filled with unusually inspiring, heartbreaking, or just plain awesome stories, keep in mind that there's a solid chance it's all complete and utter B.S.


5 Geniuses Whose Careers Peaked at a Shockingly Young Age

Young people can and constantly come up with plenty of awesome ideas, even when they operate in fields that are seemingly impossible to conquer until you've sprouted several gray hairs.


9 Silly Photos of Serious Historical Figures Goofing Off

History's most important and serious figures enjoyed getting the camera out to document goofy faces and stupid antics. We're all freaking children, all of us.


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Some of the origins behind the names of countries are downright ridiculous.


5 'Eccentric' Historical Figures Who Were Clearly Just Crazy

There's a fine line between 'eccentric duke' and 'poop-smeared psychopath,' and the following folks skipped gaily across that line.


5 Archaic Forms of Punishment We Should Reconsider

I've dug up five examples (and many more variations) of punishment civilization has left behind, which I encourage you to reflect on the next time you're feeling like you're about to be naughty.


5 Outrageous Archaeological Hoaxes That Fooled the Experts

The desire to get an assload of money without working for it too hard brings out all the best forgeries.


6 Mind-Blowing Old-Timey Uses of 'Modern' Slang

Sometimes a term that sounds like it was made up by Ke$ha on the fly turns out to have a rich history in the English language much older than we ever knew.


7 People Who Overcame Huge Obstacles to Become Famous

We don't control what happens to us; we only control how we respond. And we should choose to respond well -- like these people did.


5 Bullshit 'Facts' Everyone Believes About WWII

Any popular historical subject tends to resemble a pit of truth at the center of an overripe bullshit fruit.


7 Insane R-Rated Trends You Never Noticed in Famous Art

Humanity has always possessed a knack for mindlessly repeating weird themes in all aspects of life, up to and very much including classic art. The only difference is that their themes were somehow even stranger.


The 4 Most Cold-Blooded Things Ever Written Down

Prepare yourself for the most cold-blooded poems you will read in April's National Poetry Month.


9 Famous Thinkers Who Were Total Hypocrites

We're not saying these people are all liars or that their books should be tossed in the garbage. It's just interesting to see how the human mind works.