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6 Insanely Advanced Technologies Found in Ancient Ruins

Some ancient technologies have turned out to be at least as good as, if not better than, the stuff our fancy-pants scientists today have developed.


5 Real Robberies With Better Twists Than Any Heist Movie

In real life thieves don't need helicopters or EMP devices to pull off crimes bigger than anything you've seen on the silver screen. You just need a ridiculous plan and the balls to carry it out.


5 Things from History You Won't Believe You Can Experience

With each passing day we become less and less hopeful that anybody is going to invent time travel. Fortunately, there's ways around that.


Why Everything You Believe About the '90s Is Wrong

If you were actually born in the '90s, you don't really remember the '90s. And that's why you're wrong about the decade.


5 Iconic Groups From History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly

Historical truth is a complicated and nuanced thing, so while there might be elements of truth to the popular story you know, it's rarely the complete truth.


4 Deadly Weapons Clearly Designed by a Cartoon Character

Sometimes, when weapons designers watch a few too many cartoons, we wind up with stuff like these things.


6 Archaeological Discoveries Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

Some things were probably buried for a reason...


5 Real-Life Horror Movies Deleted from Your History Books

Human history can -- and constantly does -- produce stories that are far more creepy and gruesome than any horror-movie hellbeast or latex-mask-sporting serial killer could ever aspire to be.


5 Mysteries of Ancient Religions (Easily Explained)

The little ploys that modern faith healers and shady preachers use to fleece the masses have been around for thousands of years, and if anything, they've only gotten less inspired over time.


The 5 Goofiest Pranks Ever Pulled (In The Middle of Wars)

What, you didn't know that pulling off hilariously childish shenanigans was an integral part of military service?


5 Horrifying Attacks on America Your History Books Left Out

If this stuff happened today, there'd be a war. But due to extenuating circumstances at the time, they barely dented history.


7 Medically Proven Treatments That Clearly Started as a Joke

It's often downright baffling that a) people came up with these ideas and b) that it totally freaking worked.


5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Free Speech

Here for the oppressed and oppressors that make up Cracked's audience, are five of the most important things about free speech that we always forget.


5 Epic Disasters at Sea (Survived by Un-killable Badasses)

History is full of shipwreck survivors so bizarrely unkillable that they seemed to go out of their way to mock Death itself, right to his stupid, bony face.