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6 Incredible Ancient Wonders (Destroyed By Idiots)

When future archaeologists look back at our era thousands of years from now, they'll reach two major conclusions: 1) our subway system was very inefficient and bizarrely sandwich-centric, and 2) we were morons.


5 Realities Of The Rehab Camp My Parents Paid To Kidnap Me

When we recently heard from a man who managed to escape from one of these places -- by trekking through the desert, on foot -- we had to hear his story.


8 Things Vietnam War Movies Leave Out (By an Enemy Soldier)

We sent a writer out to Vietnam to speak with Nguyen Hoa Giai. He fought as a Viet Cong from the late 1950s to the end of the war in the mid-'70s. Here's what he told us.


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A Transalantic discussion of our global holiday


5 Real Supervillain Attacks on America That History Forgot

Prior to 9/11, we could scarcely believe such a thing was even possible. But that's only because our memories totally suck.


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Not even famous geniuses make great stuff all the time.


5 Ancient Discoveries That Prove Modern Men Are Sexist

It turns out that archaeology has proven a whole bunch of our assumptions to be wrong, which, in addition to tricking Nazis into melting their own faces off, is exactly what archaeologists are supposed to do.


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When the United States comes to town, bad shit comes with us.


5 Uprisings Cut from U.S. History for Being Too Successful

Overthrowing a government takes an enormous amount of planning, strategy, and resources. Or, you know, just a gigantic set of balls.


5 Famous People With Crazy Second Lives Nobody Knows About

It turns out great historical figures' lives have more random side quests than your average RPG.