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6 Everyday Things Designed For Ridiculously Sexist Reasons

Sexism brought us a whole lot of bad things, but sometimes people screwed up and they accidentally brought us things that are really nice to have.


It Could Happen Here: 5 Ways Civil War Changes Modern Life

While they were busy getting degrees, raising families and starting careers, a civil war snuck up and slapped the people of Ukraine right in their pants.


5 Complaints About Modern Life (That Are Secretly Total BS)

The Athenians were so inundated with lawsuits that they had a special term for the sort of person who litigates if you look at them funny.


5 Of Hitler's Worst Ideas You Didn't Know Came From America

The Nazi's were like a bad tv-spinoff of America.


The 6 Most Badass Secret Spy Missions America Got Away With

Sometimes stealing a helicopter is as simple as swooping in at night and taking it while no one is looking. Seriously.


6 Super Valuable Pieces Of Crap Hiding In People's Homes

There are some lucky bastards out there whose accidental discoveries made their entire lives. The best part? They didn't even have to leave their own homes.


5 Horrifying Things Parents Used To Do To Babies

We can now add 'caring for the young of our own species' to the list of things humanity has managed to screw up.


5 Common Insults That Reveal Dark Things About Society

'Slut' or something much worse is currently tops to degrade a female perceived as promiscuous, but 'hussy' is a close relative and once the preferred a-bomb of past a-holes.


6 Deadly Serious Cold War Moments (That Now Look Hilarious)

Wars aren't wacky. But wars are fought by people, and people -- if the feces-wracked flow of the stagnant fjord of human history has taught us anything -- are truly, deeply stupid.


Your Neighbors Try To Murder You: 6 Realities In A Genocide

We sat down with a survivor of the Bosnian genocide to try to get some small hint of what it's like, and to try to understand how this even happens.


5 Dark Secrets You Never Noticed About Sesame Street

If you grew up with Sesame Street, you learned about a whole bunch of different disorders without even knowing it.


6 Horrible Historical Disasters (We Actually Saw Coming)

We've got some finger pointing to do.


16 Early Photographs That Prove History Was Evil

The past contained a lot more mind-numbing terror than history class was comfortable revealing to you.


6 Horrifying Facts That Get Left Out Of History

If you think your future knowledge would help you in the past, we have bad news for you.


5 Huge Marketing Campaigns That Were Complete Catastrophes

Sometimes the brainwashing overlords in charge of telling us what to buy go wildly off the rails, and it's always fun to sit back and soak in their failure.