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5 Bizarre Ways Everyone Gets World War II Wrong

If you're like us and got most of your World War II knowledge from fighting Hitler in a robot suit, so most of this should come as news.


7 Modern Social Issues That Are Older Than You Think

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5 Things You Think Are Crusty Old History (That Aren't)

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5 Irreplaceable Cultural Treasures (Destroyed By Stupidity)

The Universe has a habit of allowing irreplaceable examples of human creativity to be destroyed by Mr. Bean levels of bumbling stupidity.


5 Totally Harmless Phrases (Are Secretly Offensive Jokes)

The 'other side of the tracks' wasn't always a metaphorical term for the neighborhood with the best rib joints.


Unreal Heroes Who Died Protecting Precious Knowledge

Dian Fossey's idea of environmental conservation involved pistol-whipping poachers.


Seemingly Innocuous Things (That Are Racist)

How come Mario, Bugs Bunny, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mickey Mouse all wear white gloves? You might not want to know.


Why Don't We Have Flying Cars Yet? Well, Here's The Thing...

Ted Hall invented a fully functioning flying car -- in the 1940s.


4 Practical Jokes You Won't Believe US Presidents Pulled

There are many insightful, serious articles about American presidents that ponder the nature of power and its effect on those who wield it. This is not one of those articles.


6 Horrifying Secrets About Feel Good Historical Moments

Disneyland opened during the Cold War and provided America with some much needed ... disappointment, torture, and stress?