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4 Secretly Brilliant Details Of Art (You Mistook For Errors)

History is fraught with inexplicable artistic trends which seem silly to modern-day people. But if you look into it, sometimes there's are very good explanations for them.


6 Fun Activities That Were Horrifying Throughout History

Pick even the tamest weekend activity out of the divorced dad's guidebook, and you'll find that the nearest equivalent in olden days was a horrific, inhuman distortion of what we have today.


Why It's Time To Stop Using The Word Slut

Slut, the traditionally offensive, sometimes fiercely feminist word, died on Tuesday. The word was 614.


5 Epic Bouts of Drunkenness That Made The History Books

Behold, the inebriated shenanigans of a chosen few legendary drinkers, whose stumbling binges squatted in the face of logic, national security, and history, and ripped a wet, beery fart.


5 Historical Con Artists Who Wouldn't Hack It Today

Let's make a toast to the golden age of trading B.S. for cash, from before the time when a quick internet search could tell us the difference between a legitimate businessman and a jerk.


The 5 Pettiest Abuses Of Power In Presidential History

Before you start harshly judging contemporary candidates against the dignified leaders of the good old days, you should keep in mind that all presidents were kind of petty.


6 Evil WW2 Plots That Were Actually Pursued By The Good Guys

It turns out the Allies could be just as deranged as the Axis when it came to thinking of ways to win the war, and no one gives them enough credit for that.


5 Awesome Ways Pacifists Told The Man To F#@% Off

Hashtags are great and all, but this is how you non-violently change history like a boss.


5 Ways Minorities Were Screwed Out Of The History Books

It may be hard to tell, but America used to have a problem with discrimination -- which led to a bunch of legitimately impressive people of color getting totally screwed out of their rightful place in the annals of Stuff We Wrote Down.


5 Ways You're Probably Picturing History Wrong

They say you can learn from history, but first you have to understand it. And humanity absolutely does not.


5 Religions With Huge Followings (You Had No Clue Existed)

Apparently there are several religions around the world with hundreds of thousands of followers which we can almost guarantee you know nothing about.


6 Things Everyone Knows About War (That Are Totally Wrong)

Even the basic stuff we think we understand about international conflict is, at best, mostly wrong.


The 5 Most Insane Elections In US History (Before This One)

The 2016 election isn't even close to the dumbest, craziest, most spectacularly corrupt election America has dealt with.


5 Nightmarish Ways People In History Solved Common Problems

As history has shown us, the greatest ideas have been formulated by maniacal geniuses. And terrible ideas, well, they just come from maniacs.


6 Amazing Easter Eggs Lurking In Places You'd Never Suspect

If you've wondered if there are any video game-esque Easter eggs in real life, the answer, of course, is yes.