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6 Extremely Wrong (But Hilarious) Scientific Beliefs

Here's some stuff about orgasms and poop.


7 Realities Of Surviving Mass Shootings The Media Leaves Out

Since saying that America still struggles with school shootings is a championship-level understatement, we wanted to get Amanda's perspective on what happened then, and what's happened since.


5 Iconic Resistance Movements You're Picturing Exactly Wrong

History is riddled with intriguing and dramatic stories of resistance against tyranny and the fight for equality -- and also errors, accounts influenced by the author's bias, and outright lies.


5 Unspeakably Bad Historical Practices That Never Went Away

We pretty much just slap new coats of paint on old atrocities and carry on like nothing's changed.


The 5 Ballsiest Ways Anyone Has Ever Switched Sides Mid-War

You can brand them traitors, you can curse their names, you can execute them, but you can't say they didn't have balls.


5 Horror Scenes Deleted From History For Being Too Creepy

If it's true that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it, then for the love of God, please pay very close attention.


Modern-Day America Summed Up In One Photo (From 1957)

This will change how you think of America forever. Or, you know, at least for a little while.


5 Great Women Ignored By History For Absurdly Sexist Reasons

Most history books have been written by men, and wouldn't you know it? Those darn, sneaky ladies are nowhere to be found.


The Most Horrifying Way A Nation Tried To Stop Drinking

Turns out quitting the drink was a very stinky affair back in the day.


5 Real Historic Purges That Prove Life Used To Be Horrifying

Every once in a while, huge crowds of ordinary people came together in epic demonstrations of collective mayhem, and suffered no consequences whatsoever for it.


6 Badass Unsung Heroes From History's Darkest Hours

Even humanity's biggest disasters have life-affirming moments hidden within, courtesy of regular people stepping up to help others.


How Our Ancestors Used Clever Workarounds To Look At Porn

Here's a not often told story of bravery and perseverance.


8 Creepy Aspects Of Nazi Culture (You've Never Heard Of)

The sheer awfulness of Nazism tainted everything they did. Even the fun things.


5 Trends From History With Messed Up Explanations

Those people in your history books were busy doing things for you to read about in history books. They weren't subject to dumb fads. Theirs were ridiculous.


6 Everyday Objects You Had No Clue People Once Used As Money

If you would have told our ancestors that one day we'd be using plastic cards and paper bills to acquire our daily needs, they probably would have said, 'Why? Is violence obsolete in the future? Also, what is plastic?'