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5 Terrifying Real Artifacts (With Even Creepier Stories)

It's that time of year again, so get ready to dive in with these artifacts that would've made Indiana Jones soil his khakis.


Ted Bundy Abducted And Nearly Murdered Me: How I Survived

Over the course of his criminal career, a handful of women either escaped from or experienced near misses with Bundy. One of those women was our source today, Rhonda Stapley.


6 Terrifying Serial Killers (Who Are Still Out There)

It's comforting to pretend that real-life crime plays by the same rules as TV, and that sooner or later every killer is nabbed by an attractive cop with a clever one-liner. Unfortunately, some deranged murderers are never found.


7 Stories So Horrifying They Actually Got Cut From The Bible

We're pretty certain that horror movies have been based off of the Virgin Mary's genitals.


5 Everyday Things (That Have Secret Racist Origin Stories)

We can't be certain, but Hitler may have had a picture of Carl Brigham in his school locker when he was a kid.


5 Ways The War On Drugs Has Always Been Racist As Hell

A lot of so-called anti-drug efforts which authorities have put together over the years have mostly been excuses to harass minorities.


5 Famed Moments In History Brought To You By STDs

Some of the most famous people to walk the earth have been plagued with odd discharges and strange burning sensations severe enough to change the course of history.


5 Beloved People You Never Knew Said Crazy Horrible Stuff

Search deep enough, and even the most beloved figures have at one point or another blurted out something stupid, condescending, or plain hateful.


5 Underreported Jerk Moves By Famous Historical Figures

Popular history more closely resembles a Disney adaptation rather than how things actually went down.


5 Heartwarming Stories From History Among All The Horror

If you dig deep enough, past all the wars and slavery and plagues, you can find a few heartwarming stories buried in history's cold murky depths.


6 Insane Health Scares You Never Learned About In School

History has played host to a range of terrifying diseases that did their business, crippled some populations and straight-up vanished.


6 Historical Deaths That Read Like Crazy Myths (But Aren’t)

Our condolences, but a lightning strike to the exact center of your head is a pretty awesome way to go.


5 Long Term Frauds That We Should've Noticed WAYYY Earlier

Despite our seemingly impenetrable knowledge of how to catch cheats, the most ridiculous scams often go undetected for a ludicrously long time.


6 Fascinating Works Of Art Made By Our (Horny) Ancestors

Scientist have been digging up depraved artifacts for decades and, yes, all of this is real.


5 Things You Witness Growing Up In The Hitler Youth

Horst saw Adolph Hitler with his own eyes, and shook hands with the likes of Hermann Goring and Joseph Goebbels. Now he lives in the United States, where we sat down to bust some myths about life under the Nazi regime.