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5 Insane Historical Theories That Make Way Too Much Sense

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6 Bible Stories Where The Moral Was 'Haha F*ck You, I'm God'

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5 Iconic Resistance Movements You're Picturing Exactly Wrong

History is riddled with intriguing and dramatic stories of resistance against tyranny and the fight for equality -- and also errors, accounts influenced by the author's bias, and outright lies.


5 Unspeakably Bad Historical Practices That Never Went Away

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The 5 Ballsiest Ways Anyone Has Ever Switched Sides Mid-War

You can brand them traitors, you can curse their names, you can execute them, but you can't say they didn't have balls.


5 Horror Scenes Deleted From History For Being Too Creepy

If it's true that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it, then for the love of God, please pay very close attention.


Modern-Day America Summed Up In One Photo (From 1957)

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