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Native Americans Treated Trans People Better Than We Do Now

Hundreds of years ago, some Native American tribes actually held a deep respect for people who identified themselves as outside the gender binary -- or as they were called, 'two-spirits.'


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7 WTF Details About Historical Events Everyone Forgets

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The Nazi Outpost In Canada That No One Noticed

A Nazi U-boat infiltrated Canada and no one figured it out until 1981.


The Secret History Of The French Horse-Butt Sniper

What’s a better sniping position than shooting through a fake horse’s anus?


That Time A Nazi Submarine Captain Sank His Ship By Flushing

And you thought pooping in your new date’s bathroom was embarrassing.


The Gay Bomb: A Real Thing The US Military Considered

How was this an actual plan in the 1990s???


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'Doctors Should Wash Their Hands' Used To Be Controversial

You'd think 'Wash your hands for half a minute. Worst-case scenario, you get clean hands' would be a pretty inoffensive suggestion.


The Wild West Was Not As Murder-Filled As You Imagine

Turns out, the Wild West wasn't one big nonstop shootout.


Cat Bombs: Maybe The Dumbest Idea Of The Middle Ages?

It may look like those animals are wearing jetpacks, but the truth is considerably grimmer.


7 Dark AF Ways Your Ancestors Had Fun

Back in the day, our ancestors had a lot fewer things around to entertain them. Maybe that's why they came up with all this crazy stuff ...