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The Violent, Deranged Origin Story Of The Tour de France

This isn't an article about cycling, it's an article about insanity.


The Search For Yamashita's Gold A.K.A. The Craziest Treasure Hunt In History

It all started in 1946 when Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita was hanged for war crimes ...


Lord Byron Had A Special Cup (Made From A Monk's Skull)

Lord of Boning *and* Bones.


The Exciting Adventures Of Alexander The Great's Corpse

Just because he's dead doesn't mean he can't get into trouble.


4 Famous Killers Everyone Gets Wrong

Sometimes, we got things all mixed up when it comes to history's famous murderers ...


5 Forgotten Times Presidents Narrowly Escaped Death

Any of these deaths would have changed history.


The Amazing Around-The-World Race (That Drove Contestants Mad)

If you decide to sail around the world by yourself, uh, don't.


5 Bizarre Dumb Things Countries Made Citizens Do During Wars

Armies do brilliant stuff in war. We're not going to talk about that today.


5 Hollywood-Worthy Twists That Saved People's Lives

If you're going to cheat death, you might as well give him the finger as well.


Nazi Germany Made the Swastika Its National Flag Because Of A Crybaby Hissy Fit

They do not take kindly to interruptions of their fancy parties.


The Murder-Filled History Of The, Uh, Fancy Hat Industry

Sometimes an absolutely fabulous hat leads to a whole lot of bullets.


Reminder: Angels In The Bible Were Mind-Melting Horror Beasts

According to Christianity, if you ever see an angel, RUN.