General Zod was an established villain in the Superman universe before the movies starring Chritopher Reeve came out. However, British actor Terrence Stamp and his catchphrase "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!" made the character an icon among film villains.

Son of Jor-El Kneel Before Zod!!!

As a politician. Zod generally supports a free market economy. You have the freedom to KNEEL!!!

Believe it or not, Zod was a comic book character before Terrance Stamp eternally defined the character.

Just The Facts

  1. General Zod was actually introduced into DC comics in 1961.
  2. Terrence Stamp makes a cameo appearance as Zod in the first Superman movie. Superman and Superman II were intended to be filmed back to back.
  3. Michael Shannon will step into the role of Zod in 2013's Man of Steel.


Zod was created in April of 1961 by George Papp and Robert Bernstein as one of the 'Phantom Zone' villains. Zod was sentenced to 40 years in the Phantom Zone prison for creating an army of robotic soldiers to attempt to over throw Krypton. Zod was released in the comic books by Superboy. Zod then used his new powers under the yellow Sun to attempt to take control of Earth. After this, Zod was then banished back to the Phantom Zone by Superboy. Zod would appear sporatically in Superman comics. At one point, an alternate universe Zod was killed by Superman using yellow Kryptonite. Superman then had to seriously re-evaluate how he used his powers after that incident.

But seriously, lets face it. When you hear the words GENERAL ZOD, you are not going to think of this guy...

Every single time, this is the image that will come to your mind.

You almost have to feel sorry for THIS GUY even trying to live up to that image.

This is Michael Shannon. He will be attempting to step into the iconic role in next summer's Man of Steel. This is reminiscent of the Saturday Night Live skit in which Phil Hartmant is attempting to step into the title role in The King And I.

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....

In 2008, Zod not only made a comeback but there was a website touting Zod for president. Zod 2008 took off as its own cultural meme across the web.

Terrence Stamp has had a long and varied career, but will probably be forever identified with his role of General Zod in Superman II. This came in 1980. You almost have to wonder if whoever Chancellor Valorum was in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace would have been messed with at all if he was actually an older General Zod.

You have to believe not even Palpatine would have had the stones to go against a republic led by ZOD!!!!

You would have to figure the bout would go about seven minutes in favor of ZOD in the Octagon. All who disagree must KNEEL!!!