In the 1990's, Blizzard Entertainment (the people behind World of Warcraft) gave us Justice League Task Force. This 'fighting' game combined Street Fighter, Super Friends, Superman with a mullet, and the Flash doing disco moves. Classic.

Wonder Woman, don't break my heart. My achy bresky heart...

You andI we can dance, having the time of our life...

His weapon of choice? A poorly made fighting game.

Just The Facts

  1. Justice League Task Force was released on SUPER NES and Sega Genesis in 1995.
  2. The featured villains are Despero, Cheetah, and Darkseid. Presumably having a villain for each hero would have taken like time or something.
  3. Justice League Task Force not only cahses in on the craze of side scrolling fighting games but also the mid 90's 'clone craze' of villains.
  4. The ending not only defeats Darkseid's but promises Apokolips will receive a really hefty bill for that military base that was destroyed.

The 'Plot'

Fighting games have to have a reason for some one to fight. The reasoning behind fighting in Justice League Task Force is that Darkseid has mounted an attack on Earth. Now, the good part of the world wide invasion is that there is still time to publish newspapers on the subject yet suspiciously not enough time for Earth's greatest heroes to read them. So, the game starts with you picking out a completely cluesless hero. This incarnation of the Justice League has only six members. The members are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (Wally West), Green Arrow, and Aquaman. The befuddlement is that your Super Friends keep attacking you. You visited all the right places to find them (Gotham City, Paradise Island, Metropolis, Atlantis, and even a freakin' statue of the Flash) and they all practically screamed "YOU CAN NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!!!" before straight up trying to KILL you. Now, even with X-Ray vision, a lasso of truth, super speed to disassemble things, a brillaint detective mind, or whatever advantage talking to fish and shooting arrows provide... it takes beating all six of your friends (INCLUDING YOURSELF) to figure out that these are Android Clones. This game may have been saved if the voice of Bela Legousi was actually ominously stating in the background that he was 'building a race of atomic Supermen.' Anyway, Darkseid's plan of invasion was so airtight that Darkseid only employed two other villains to help him. One is the actual world conquering Despero. The other is Cheetah. Wait, Cheetah??? Yes, Cheetah. This is because when you conquer the world, you still want what looks like a cheetah spotted stripper with a tail on your side. The ending? You win. Darkseid presumably goes off to become a playable character in this game.

The Characters and Their Fashion Sense?

Superman - Justice League Task Force is the only game... ever.. to feature Superman wearing a mullet

Which in all truth, Superman did actually feature the look in the 1990's when the game was made. This does not mean that they actually had to use it. It just means that they had a comic book point of reference for using it.

We mean, not even everyone who made the mullet famous felt married to them or continued to use them.

You can always judge the change for yourself.


Everyone has 'special moves' in fighting games. However, The Flash's special moves in Justice League Task Force look more like they should be regulated to a dance floor with a mirror ball rather than fighting other super heroes.

The Flash will spin. He will slide. He even unleashes a presumed air or fart tornado at you. However, when it is time to really do some damage, the Flash will go about as fast as most of the other characters in the game.

3. You Can Unleash a TRIDENT!!!

Not all the time, but special moves with Aquaman will allow you to unleash a TRIDENT!!

You just never see anyone kill some one with a TRIDENT.

So Aquaman at least has the TRIDENT going for him.

Unfortunately, in the game... there is Aquaman's hair...

Hair which was apparently stolen from Dee Snider....

4. The Best Part of the Game - CHEETAH

Cheetah is the pixel version of tasteful nudity in this game...]

Its just all so oddly reminsiscent of SOMETHING.. but I can't quite put my finger on it.....

At some point, I just know that it will come to me...