"Thundercats, HOOOOOOOOOO!" This badass feline battlecry was the source of pants-shitting excitement in every kid who grew up in the 80s.

If you don't think this is hot, punch your dick hard to get it going because IT'S NOT WORKING.

Just The Facts

  1. The Thundercats are actual human-cat hybrids. Don't believe a word James Cameron tells you. He's crazy.
  2. The Thundercats' lair was built in three days from scrap metal and broken spaceship parts.
  3. MacGyver cries himself to sleep every night wishing he was a Thundercat.

Know Your Thundercats!

There are six major Thundercats: Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, WilyKit and WilyKat. Other Thundercats were brought in during later seasons, but they didn't make the same impression on young viewers as the original 6.

There are rumblings of a Thundercats movie being made: Some reports say it's CGI, others say it's live action. Fans are divided on the issue, as CGI would be great (cool graphics and possibly original voices), but live action would fucking rock too, provided they get exactly the right actors. In a world where Keanu Reeves will play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the possibilities are terrifying.

Anyway. Here they are, the big six cats:


500% testosterone.

Lion-O is the leader of the Thundercats. He is the only one who can use the Sword of Omens, which allows him to see what bad guys are up to and also to totally see through Cheetara's skintight costume. The sight of the tiny scar on her left nipple always gives Lion-O the horniness of ten thousand man cats.

When Lion-O and the others left their world, they had to travel thousands of light years away just to find a habitable planet. In order to accomplish this, the Thundercats went into suspension capsules to keep them from aging. When their ship crash landed on Third Earth, Lion-O had changed... he was now a grown man! (Any resemblance to Fry being frozen in Futurama is both intentional and hilarious).

Lion-O's body was that of a man, but he still had the mental capacities of a little boy. Any comments left here comparing the mighty Lion-O to ex-president Dubya will result in a severe ass-kicking.


Tygra is the second in command of the Thundercats. Tygra has many powers, including the power to turn invisible. He is a master with a whip. He is seen here with his less popular three-ball anal plug.


Panthro is third in command of the Thundercats. His amazing skills as a fighter and as a mechanic/builder are legendary. His deep, rumbling voice has the power to either calm or terrify you. He's also an expert nunchuk warrior. He really has the whole package of awesomeness. Not pictured: 12-inch wang.


Cheetara is the only adult female Thundercat, so she featured prominently in the pre-adolescent masturbation fantasies of millions of young boys. Later, when we were older and knew what the score was, we realized, "Hey, wait a minute... she was the only lay available for all the Thundercats!" and the masturbation fantasies of shy kisses and feeling up Cheetara morphed into something less... innocent.

Cheetara's weapon was a bow staff she could make elongate by rubbing its shaft. So yeah, she knew exactly what she was doing.

WilyKit & WilyKat

WilyKit and WilyKat are the two Thunderkittens (we dare you to say that term out loud and not want to incorporate it into your everyday vocabulary). They're fraternal twins, and they love to be bastards. They make smoke bombs, run away just to piss off the other Thundercats, and generally shit up the works during battles, forcing the Thundercats to save their asses while losing the battle or a serious piece of machinery to the enemy. Either way, Panthro would always have to take them out back once the credits rolled to give both of them a good whuppin'.


Snarf is Lion-O's nanny. He's like a cross between ALF and some theoretical alien creature more annoying than ALF. His catchphrase is saying, "Snarf, Snarf!" after everything. Kids love making annoying noises, but even the most bratty kid yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" at the screen at least once while watching Snarf's overly extended antics.