After a certain point, alcohol is like the potion to Mr. Hyde, anger to The Hulk or the moon to Werewolves: It will transform you, possibly make you more powerful, and almost certainly cause you to rip your pants.

Just The Facts

  1. The game of Drunks takes place in a rich and complex universe. In it you will:
  2. Take part in an epic story, spanning lifetimes and generations.
  3. Meet a cast of deep, complex characters.
  4. Explore fantastic and beautiful settings.
  5. Bone a girl you think is named Marissa next to a guy throwing up in a fish tank.

The Adventure Never Ends!

Crave more Drunks action? Continue the adventure with one of several Drunks expansion packs, such as: Forgotten Realms (And Misplaced Shoes), Hangover Onslaught and the all-new Champions of the Midnight Breakfast at IHOP!

Enjoy new characters! Like:
Oh Canada Touchy bar fly
Enjoy new attacks and actions! Like:

beer goggles Lesbian

And all the drinks you can handle!
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