There's no such thing as a new TV show. Just old TV shows combined with whatever thought or random piece of stimulus happened to be distracting the TV Executive when he was ripping it off.

How TV Show Executives Come Up With Ideas

Movie executives like to come up with movie ideas by combining other, more original movies. Occasionally it works. George Lucas jammed a couple great westerns and sammurai flicks together with 2001: A Space Odyssey and created Star Wars. Other times ...

Jaws + Jurassic Park = Ridiculous Bullshit.

TV executives are like movie executives, but worse at math. They lack the capacity to combine two separate complex ideas and instead will opt to take one character from a successful show and combine it with...

...oh, sorry, we're already finished.

Well, that was easy.

If TV executives feel like being especially cutting edge, they will take a successful show, and add the name of a city they've been to enough to formulate an insulting stereotype. For instance, you ever notice how people in New York are all...

"Oh, look at me, I'm ugly and anxious about my bad hair cut."

But people in Miami be all...

Wearing the sunglasses, and hot blooded with the hands on the hips and ... palm trees.

Or if you don't know how to spell you can just add a bunch of letters.

Law and Order: SVU was originally pitched as a show about a crime fighting Ford Explorer.

But if your show is just a bunch of letters, you should really try to learn how to spell a city. Just use the one where you live if that sounds like a lot of work.

Ever notice how LA is full of failed actors?