Michelle Rodriguez is an actress who's known best for being the bad-ass chick who doesn't take your shit.

Just The Facts

  1. Michelle Rodriguez's closet is filled wall to wall with nothing but black tank tops.
  2. Michelle Rodriguez is always a cop. Except when she's a Marine.
  3. Michelle Rodriguez has a nasty habit of getting herself killed all the time.

Dedication to the Force

*NOTE*: now before I go any further, let me say something for all those people getting their panties into a wad in the comments. I am in no way trying to insult Michelle Rodriguez, I'm just making fun of her. Because this is a comedy article. On the internet. That you're reading for free. So you'll take what you get and like it.

It's common for actors to be typecast as certain personalities, but it seems that Hollywood continually casts Michelle Rodriguez as the exact same person. And this person just happens to be a cop:

RESIDENT EVIL: She's a cop. Except instead of law enforcement, her job is now shooting zombies.

S.W.A.T: OK, so it's a movie about cops. It was bound to happen.

AVATAR: She was a Marine once.

HALO 2: Wait, twice.

LOST: Again, she's a cop. And honestly, that's pretty much the most significant aspect of her character. And we're reminded of that every time she decides to pull out her gun (At least twice per episode).

Hurley forgot, and she came back from the dead to remind him.


fucking called it.

Points for Originality

As I mentioned before, Michelle Rodriguez's wardrobe doesn't vary too much.

Can you see it? it's really subtle.

*NOTEABLE EXCEPTIONS*: In "Avatar" her tank top is white.

(Also, red carpet/award show pictures don't count. That Michelle Rodriguez is just a character)

Game Over

Michelle Rodriguez seems to always find a way to get herself killed. Since lists seem to be the way to do things around here, lets get on with it:

LOST: She gets randomly shot. But it's Lost, so that kinda stuff happens every other week.

BLOODRAYNE: The only good thing about this movie is that they killed her, so I can have one more name on my list. And she doesn't even get a good death here, it's just kinda awkward.


RESIDENT EVIL: A zombie bites her, and she spends the second half of the movie dying.

RESIDENT EVIL: She comes back as a zombie, and they shoot her. Yes, they kill her twice in this movie.

FAST AND FURIOUS: Oh hey, she actually survives in thi-

FAST AND FURIOUS 4: Oh. right.

AVATAR: She gets shot down after about 2 mins of fighting and firing 1 shot, jprobably more out habit than anything else.