What's next for the Twilight saga? When the formula is "take a classic monster and add sexy abs," pretty much anything is possible.

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The Twilight Saga

Cracked.com has unintentionally become one of the internet's most exhaustive repositories of Twilight saga knowledge and commentary. We have featured brutally succinct summaries of the Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse films.

We have examined why The Lost Boys is superior, found real-world vampire legends even more ridiculous than Edward Cullen, and explained why the plot of New Moon could have been much more easily resolved.

We have used the medium of video to be unkind to Twilight, New Moon and Twilight again.

Thus we seem to maintain a strange love/hate relationship with the Twilight saga. On one hand we wish it would go away, on the other, we simply can't stop talking about it.