It's a shame app developers have agreed that only one in every million apps should actually be useful, because there are a lot of problems with the way people interact with their mobile devices. For instance ...

The App Store: Choose Unwisely

Apps are miniature software that you download and use one at a time. You'd think this would make people selective about the apps they actually clog up their mobile device with, but nothing could be further from the truth. The app has become an excuse for people to be amazed that their mobile phone or tablet computer can do things that a Light Bright could do back in the 80s.

"It makes colors!"

Duck? There's a Face for That

Duck face is a well documented trend in online modeling, where the (usually female) person will pose for a picture while cartoonishly pouting her lips. Sociologists have speculated that Miley Cyrus started the trend when she accidentally photographed herself while making a fart noise.

Telling people to stop making this face, it turns out, is a little like telling App developers to stop putting out useless apps in that it'd be a lot easier if the public wasn't clamoring for more.

According to a report by dating site OK Cupid the most popular dating profiles usually feature women making what they call a "flirty face" and what we call "the MySpace angle's more blowjob-happy little sister."