Minecraft is game currently in development by Markus Persson, or "Notch" which involves mining, bulding, and crafting in a textured cube 3D world. The game is currently in Beta mode and is updated constantly.

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Just The Facts

  1. Minecraft is addictive and is available on <a href="http://minecraft.net/" rel="nofollow" >minecraft.net</a>
  2. It is like a combination of Rollercoaster Tycoon, Dungeon Keeper, Doom, and Infiminer.
  3. Be aware of monsters.
  4. That's a nice house you got there, It'd be a shame if any- BOOM!

Minecraft Beta

Minecraft Beta is the only version of Minecraft that gets updated and is available to users on minecraft.net that have purchased the game. There are many more features in this version than Minecraft Classic, one of the most important being that fucking monsters come out at night to murder you. Of course, you might be temporarily safe if you can dig your way underground or build a fortress.

On Minecraft Beta, you keep an inventory of every item and material you collect. If you build a crafting table, you can craft various items like swords, shovels, pickaxes, and torches.

Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic is the creative mode of Minecraft. In it, you have an unlimited amount of blocks in your inventory and are given a lot of creative freedom to build or mine whatever you'd like.

Users can play Minecraft Classic for free and can either play SIngle or Multiplayer modes. You can join or create many different servers on their website to play multiplayer in.

Steps to Surviving Your First Few Nights

Step 1 - Your Spawn Point

Welcome. Your new world has been created and you now have one of the most important things in the game - a spawn point. Are you in a very desolate area surrounded only by sand and the occasional cacti? How about underwater gasping for breath?
I would recommend to not keep a world (You can delete your world's file) if you start out in a desert area, underwater, on a tiny island, or in a snowy wasteland. Try to start out in a nice area in the mountains with a nice lake or near a beach with plenty of trees. You should make sure you have the following near your spawn point if you want to survive your first night:
  • Plenty of trees
  • A water source
  • Grass/ Dirt
  • 5 Solid Diamond Blocks
  • Coal in exposed above ground areas
  • What? You don't have ANY diamond blocks?
  • The courage to stare a creeper directly in the face and not crap your pants out of sheer fright.

Step 2 - Shelter
The easiest thing you can do for your first shelter is to dig into a large mountain, rather than construct a house, because instead of wasting any of the much needed supplies you have, you are gaining supplies as you dig your shelter. Try to make your cave with blocks exposed to the outside so you can see when it it daytime.
Oh my god....
As the sun begins to set, your heart starts to beat fast as if it is going to rip out of your chest. Do not be a pussy and set it to Peaceful. In fact, set it to hard just because you were thinking about cheating. Peaceful is for later when you're really in the building mode and can't be disturbed by pesky skeletons, spiders, or skeletons riding spiders.
At this point, it would be in your best interest to stop cutting down trees, mining coal, or anything else and get inside of your shelter. From inside your shelter, you can start to mine in any fashion you'd like. For the first mine, I'd prefer a traditional 1 Block wide 1 Block Down at a time as shown: