Drawn Together is an animated reality show on Comedy Central. It somehow managed to have less class than normal reality shows.

These people are all assholes, horny, sexually confused assholes

Just The Facts

  1. Aired from 2004 to 2007
  2. Was a blatant pardoy of reality television, current world issues, various television genres and gimmicks, and most of all, itself
  3. included fart jokes, healthy amount of racist jokes and girls with killer racks jiggling them everywhere.

The Premise

The premise of the show is that cartoon characters from various universes have been pulled together to make a reality show. They all live in one house, their actions scrutinized via millions of cameras. Sounds like your normal reality show right? Well, these are not your normal characters.

L to R

Toot: Fat whore bitch, parody of Betty Boop and fat people

Ling Ling: Awesome Asian stereotype, total badass, parody of Pikachu, pokemon, and Asian people

Foxxy Love: Mystery Solving hot black chick, slut, bad parent, voice of reason. parody josey and the pussycats and black people (SERIOUSLY)

Xandir: Gay videogame character, innocent nice-guy. Parody of Link, gay people, and various other things

Princess Clara: Stuck up, racist, ultra conservative white bitch. Parody of all things disney, white people, and conservative christian values.

Spanky Ham: Awesomely disgusting internet character. Also a total asshole. Rude Crude, and often nude. Parody of internet culture.

Captain Hero: Idiot superhero with muscles and a penis for instead of brains. Usually central to the plot. Parody of superheroes, frat boys, and douchebags.

Wooldoor Sockbat: Annoying as hell kids show character. innocent but insane, also used heavily as a plot device. Parody of Spingebob and other children's shows.

Captain Hero

This guy is a parody of the jock-douch who seems to be on every reality show. He's like The Situation, mixed with Spencer Pratt, mixed with every frat boy ever. He'll have sex with anything, but then, that's true of everyone on the show (as i'll detail later). He has sex with Wooldoor during a PSA on how to get laid, Toot during a hypothetical tangent/after school special, Foxxy as a Gimp, gives a golden shower to his old college flame, unusually flexible girl, has sex with Clara's retarded cousin (no seriously, he has sex with a full on retarded girl!) and has a split personality that is gay curious and experiments with Xandir.

Needless to say, this guy is a horndog. He's also a complete idiot, most of his jokes revolve around his inability to function socially and any plot he gets involved in, he messes up badly. He got his name because as a child he had sex with hero sandwiches to simulate the intercourse he craved. He got caught doing this by some jocks and the name stuck. Socially tormented by both his outcast nature as a child and his outcast nature as the last surviving member of his race (he accidentlally blew up his home planet), he turns his attention to becoming as huge as possible, which helps him have tons of sex.

If i had to sum up his character in one word, it would be Muscleheadsuperdoucheretard.

Ling Ling

This guy is my second favorite character. He is a parody of Pikachu from the pokemon universe and is hyperviolent, incredibly smart, polite, and is just awesome. His main goal in lifeis to become Champion of the Battling arena. He basically wants to kill a lot of stuff in the most violent way possible.

Sadly, he is the whipping boy for most of the house. Whenever they need a lackey, they force him to comply. Whenever housework needs to be done, he does it, without complaint, and he is bullied a lot. He is a stereotype of all things asian, using r's instead of l's, being sexually attracted to men's tears and women's panties, making dry cleaning jokes, and other shameless parodies of asian culture. When he kicks ass, he kicks ass. Aweosme Character

Spank Hamm

Ok, this is my favorite charcter on the Show. He is unapologetically rude, a schemer, and full of crass, indecent humor. He is the token villain in many plots of the show, acting a s a pimp, slave shop owner, head of an illegal gambling ring, head of a sex themed suicide hotline (think of some saying Jump baby!!! Jump harder!!!!!) and a gunslinger. He's horny all the time, makes racist jokes, and loves to crack a good fart joke. In one episode he gets a virus and has to gay-marry Xandir to use Xandir's insurance. This leads to tons of gay jokes. He's also voiced by Adam Carolla, so fuck yeah.

Wooldoor Sockbat

I hate this guy, he is so fucking annoying. He is a parody of all things found on a children's show, with his wacky, over the top antics, callous deifnace of the laws of physics, and incredibly high pitched voice, i want to rip my ears off whenever i hear him. He also walks around as a plot device machine and is whatever the other characters need him to be.

Priest? check

Therapist? check

Veterinarian? check

You get the picture, I'm sure

Xandir Wifflebottom

He's GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xandir didn't come out of the closet right away, he told everyone he had a girlfriend but that died pretty quickly, when Toot, being a total bitchstick, ruined it. Xandir is one of the central characters on the show, invvolved in most plot lines and given a depth not common to most characters. He has an inner struggle over the trials of being homosexual, dealing with rejection and pain. He also runs away to join Spanky's brothel after his simulated parents find out he's gay, loooooong story.

You're What?!!!! Gay?!!!!!!

He and Captain Hero are best buds and co-conspirators throughout the series. He's also very funny, kind, and polite.

Oh yeah, and a total whore, he has had numerous gay flings over the course of the show, including Captain Hero's alter ego and other ones he alludes too (Craig, Fernando, Stephen) He even stooped so low as to have sex with Tiot, though, to be fair, she tricked him using cheat codes, again loooooooooooooooong story.

Toot Braunstein

Fuck this bitch, she is awful. She is nothing but the same fat joke over and over again. She has no character depth and is just stupid. She's also hideous, bitchy, and hass about a million problems (but a boyfriend aint one) i fucking hate this bitchass. NEXT!

Princess Clara

Part conniving bitch, psrt innocent daddy's girl, and part amazing tits, this is the other main antagonist of the show. She is super conservative and despises anything that dosn't fit with Christian values. From prositution, to gay marriage, to masturbation, to children's shows that teach tolerance, she is out to stop it all.She's also a really sad case, neglected as a child, her father never loved her. She just wants his approval and love, and she'll do anything to get it.


that clip right there? Clara strips in order to impress her dad. Yeah, she gets naked. bitchin tits.

and now for gratuitous pictures of those erection-tastic boobies

Foxxy Love

A parody of all things black, Foxxy is the jive talking, man loving, menthol smoking black woman in the house. She is a notorious slut, having many illegitimate children and affairs. She is also not very smart and has a tenuous grasp of english. All this aside, she's probably the only charcter who isn't completely messed up. She and Clara are often at odds, for their viewpoints are starkly different on most issues.

yeah this happens, it is awesome.

yeah i love this show