According to their owners' smug faces, Smart Cars are the energy-saving answers to rising gas prices and global warming. According to everyone else, they are over priced novelty baby strollers.

Just The Facts

  1. 'Smart' is an automotive division of Daimler AG, formerly DaimlerChrysler, that produces microcars.
  2. If you're driving one, the hippies have already won.
  3. Smart Car accidents often result when drivers of real cars fail to see them, or when pedestrians step on them.

Not-So-Smart Cars

In the late 1980s, CEO Nicolas Hayek of Swatch brand watches figured he could use the same strategies that made Swatch a success and apply them to manufacturing automobiles. They would be small, clean, efficient, and completely ridiculous looking.

If you are really worried about emissions and their effect on the environment, it is recommended that you take the bus, buy a bicycle, walk, or simply shout "Look at me! I care about the environment!" at passersby before you buy a smart car.

"Look at me! "

You can't argue with the Smart car's marketing scheme. Call the car "smart". People want to be smart. Smart people should own Smart cars ... AND BAM! That's how they get you. Soon after proving their intelligence, it is recommended that such "smart" people memorize a list of counter-arguments to deal with friends and family trying to convince them they've done something very wrong.

Arguments Defending Smart Cars

1. At Least It's Safe

Sure it's smaller than every other car on the road and the occasional baby stroller but its revolutionary sleek and functional design allows it to take the impact of a crash better than your average car. Right...?

Pictured: Safety

When the Smart car was introduced, it was awarded 3 out of 5 stars for Adult Occupant Protection. Feel safe yet? In April 2009, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety pitted the Fortwo model Smart car against a Mercedes C class in a frontal offset crash test at 40 mph. Apparently, when two objects collide, the smallest one will take the most damage, which also explains my high school football try-outs.

"Am I popular yet?"

The Smart car does receive great marks for pedestrian injury reduction which is better than comparable vehicles for very obvious reasons.However, the IIHS rated the Smart Fortwo "Poor," noting that "Multiple injuries, including to the head, would be likely for a real-world driver of a Smart in a similar collision."

2. It's Cost Efficient

As far as the regular Smart Cars go, their performance is nothing too special. Smart's microcars get less average gas mileage than the Toyota Yaris. The savings on gas costs that Smart claims to offer aren't miles above the competition as they'd like you to believe. The real savings come from the low price to purchase these vehicles which is around 10k depending on the model. Of course, you get what you pay for. Which brings us to...

Arguments Against Smart Cars:

No trunk, only 2 passengers, poor handling around corners, can flip from turning or braking too sharply, unsafe in accidents, low top speed (90mph), slow acceleration, really stupid looking, freeway driving is dangerous, lacks durability and versatility.

Its only plausible function is as a commuter vehicle and only during perfect weather conditions, if you weigh less than 150 pounds, don't have children or friends and never need to move or carry anything other than your own body.