Sam Worthington is an Australian actor who has a lot of movie roles playing confused Australians.

Sam Worthington's high school yearbook photo.

Just The Facts

  1. The Australian accent is one of the easiest to suppress in the world. That's one of the reasons why Australian actors are so successful internationally.
  2. Sam Worthington, however, has a strong Australian accent in every movie role he plays.
  3. One must assume that this is deliberate.

The Roles of Sam Worthington

Terminator: Salvation

Who He Plays

An executed American criminal who donates his body to science and wakes up in a future apocalyptic America, who is somehow Australian.

What Explains it

Australia doesn't have capital punishment and will go out of its way to try to obtain clemency for Australian citizens sentenced to death in other countries. None of this was mentioned in Terminator Salvation, so one must assume based on the strength of his accent that Worthington was a recently naturalized American.

Seeing as America rarely naturalizes foreigners with criminal records, one must assume that he was a calm law-abiding man until being given access to an American passport, at which point he started shooting people. A chilling indictment against America's violent media culture.

That croc done took half my face off! Crikey!


Who He Plays

A crippled Marine and metaphor for the American military-industrial complex, who is somehow Australian.

What Explains it

In the grim future of Avatar, Australia has taken over the world by means of Rupert Murdoch. Americans on Earth are forced to adopt ocker Australian accents under pain of torture by large poisonous snakes. This part of the story was James Cameron's slight at the Fox News Corporation.

The mining company really wanted to establish a new world on Pandora where everyone was free to be American again. Unfortunately the accident that caused Jake Sully's spinal injury also resulted in brain damage which caused him to permanently retain the accent of his oppressors. This is why nobody in the movie liked him.

"Strewth! What's that blue thing 'ere?"

Clash of the Titans

Who He Plays

Perseus, the Greek son of a Greek God, who is somehow Australian.

What Explains It

The Greek Gods in the movie are actually Australian, which explains their affinity for deadly creatures. However, when dealing with humans they put on English accents to sound more cultured. Worthington's accent was a subtle nod to his rebellion against his divine parentage.

"Me dad's a flamin' galah!"

Sam Worthington's Bio

Sam Worthington was born in the middle of the desert. When he was born his father exclaimed "Crikey!" Sam Worthington's great grandmother invented Vegemite.

When he was young, Sam's younger brother Bruce was tragically eaten by a crocodile.