Our first original web series, Agents of Cracked was nominated for the 2010 Audience Choice Streamy, and thanks to you guys WE FREAKING WON!

Holy Shit We Won!

We've always known we have the best fans on the Internet. Sunday night made it official. Cracked.com took home the Audience Choice award at the 2nd Annual Streamys and we couldn't have done it without your votes.

As he made his way to the podium to accept the Audience Choice award wearing a snazzy tuxedo-eye patch ensemble Michael Swaim was greeted by security and ushered out of the building. While Michael has claimed anti-eye patch discrimination, the fact that it was two hours before the Audience Choice award and right in the middle of Paul Scheer's opening monologue ce.

After an extensive lecture from Streamy Officials on how award shows work, Michael reentered the building in disguise (switching the patch to his other eye) just in time to hear the announcement that Agents of Cracked had in fact won.

Yeah, we know we already showed this, but seriously, he wore a fucking eye patch.

Based on the generous prepared remarks he delivered, and the fact that he could read them at all, conspiracy theorists have suggested that the Michael who accepted the award was in fact a replicant robot. However, Cracked.com assures you that these theories are at best, only partially true.

So thank you, fans and spambots alike, for your generous (or programmed) support of our noble dream to become the most popular dumb assholes known to man.

The Show

Michael Swaim is a loose cannon with unorthodox methods and balls to match. Daniel O'Brien wears glasses. As Agents of Cracked, they're trained to handle anything the world of internet comedy throws at them, but can they handle...being partners!? Tune in to Cracked.com every weekday for a series as wildly original as it is not derivative of the Lethal Weapon franchise.

The Cast and Crew

Michael Swaim Michael hosted Cracked TV before a withering sex scandal forced him off the air. Now he's back, with a new 'tude and fresh wax job. Also Cracked TV is still on. Congratulations on reading this: YOU HAVE LEARNED NOTHING.

Daniel O'Brien Daniel is the Assistant Editor of Cracked.com, his column runs every Friday and should not be read by children (or most adults). He spends his free time petitioning to bring Dunkin Donuts to California.

Abe Epperson Abe has begun a burgeoning career as Michael's exclusive camera man, swearing an oath to record his exploits and whereabouts 24 hours a day. He recently met Dan, who has recently appeared more frequently in Michael's life. Often, Abe is found on dark London streets howling and searching for his long, lost (invisible) love. He also found the camera used to shoot the series.

Lisa Marie King Lisa is a Los Angeles based actress and math goddess. She is a graduate of the UC San Diego Department of Theatre, the British American Dramatic Academy, and South Coast Repertory's Professional Acting Program. She has appeared in over 60 plays and musicals, as well as the feature film, Redlight, Greenlight. Her hobbies include improv, Shakespeare, and calculus.

Soren Bowie Soren is a Los Angeles based writer and part-time contributor to Cracked.com. He used to perform improv and sketch comedy regularly with the group The Horrible Sickness but has since allowed the dream to die. He works as the lone editor for the outdoors website trails.com and spends his free time rock climbing, hiking, chopping wood and making out.

Oren J.Katzeff Oren is a lawyer, comedian, and Jewish - yes, it doesn't get more redundant than that. He is the General Manager of Cracked.com, so playing the role of The Chief in Agents of Cracked didn't require much of a character study for him. He spends his free time thinking about working out, writing jokes that he'll never use on stage, and rejecting Facebook friendship requests from his family.

Additional Cast
Randall Baltzar, Rory Dering, Lisa King, Matt Barrs, Ryan Ricketts, Mike Cox, Stefanie Meilinger, April Warren, Anna Roth, and Lara Pickle

Additional Crew
Matt Barrs, Randall Baltzar, Mike Cox, Nick Walker, Michael Shawver, John Conway

Opening Theme By
Tom O'Brien

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