A home movie of TV actress Leighton Meester having sex is garnering embarrassing levels of interest on the web. We decided to see how it stacks up next to a home video that fetched the same asking price, back before America went fucking insane.


The Economy of Celebrity Sex Tapes

The insane level of interest in the Leighton Meester video caught the celebrity sex tape industry off guard. Even the sex tape broker (apparently this is a thing) who's selling it, Kevin Blatt, said, "I have been surprised by the level of interest in it." His surprise likely stems from the fact that nobody knew who Leighton Meester was or that "Leighton" was even a real name.

Of course, Meester's low profile is exactly why people are interested. While all celebrity sex tapes are supposedly "leaked" or "stolen," they're usually stolen from the sorts of people who, if push came to shove, would do it with a hobo for an US Weekly cover.

The last horribly filmed celebrity sex tape to cause this much online buzz starred a then barely known Paris Hilton. Because the footage was of such shitty quality, and because people were only vaguely aware of her existence, they assumed it was a genuine home movie, and it launched her career.

If Meester goes on to star in more sex tapes or a VH1 reality show, the Internet will continue its search for the Jackie Robinson of unwilling celebrity porn stars. For now, the hopes of a generation of creepy masturbators rest squarely on Meester's shoulders.