Christina Hendricks plays Joan Holloway on 'Mad Men,' a critically acclaimed show that is notable for making young men jealous of the sex their grandfather's generation had.

Just The Facts

  1. Christina Hendricks is actually a blonde. She dyes her hair red.
  2. Besides Jack Daniels, the only good thing to come from Tennessee.
  3. They are real.

Christina Hendricks in 'Mad Men'

Edging out the unbelievably sexy January Jones is virtually impossible, but, thanks to a fantastically curved body and the general novelty of the elusive attractive red head, Christina Hendricks wins the contest.

You lose. Somehow.

In case you skipped the rest of the article because you were understandably very busy scrutinizing the previous pictures for important details, Christina Hendricks plays Joan Holloway on 'Mad Men.' Joan is the head of the secretaries at the Sterling-Cooper advertising agency, where her job description includes banging the co-owner of the company into a heart attack and making other secretaries cry.

With a stare that can penetrate even the hardest of men and a voice that is what history's greatest phone sex operators aspire to, Joan makes 'Mad Men' worthwhile for even the laziest of viewers.