The unwitting stars of Sacha Baron Cohen movies are always protesting "unfair editing," "leading questions" and "never getting laid again, ever." If you're a terrible person with no ability to judge risk versus reward, this chart should be helpful.

Legal History

Sacha Baron Cohen has been sued for his work on Da Ali G Show, Borat, and now Bruno, for everything from libel, slander, invasion of privacy, fraud, negligent misrepresentation and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The entire government of Kazakhstan threatened him with legal action until Borat became such a huge hit they decided the free publicity was doing wonders for their tourism industry ("Come visit Kazakhstan...It's just as rank and backwards as in the movie!").

To date, every single lawsuit has been dismissed. We suppose it's not overly surprising that a man with the last name Cohen has good lawyers. Here are our favorite court victories:


Two residents of the Romani Gypsy village that stood in for Borat's home town sued the makers of Borat for $30 million. They allege the film made them look like "savages", and that they were underpaid. To be fair, Romani Gypsy minimum wage is only 2 chickens and a 12 year old virgin a day, so they might have had a point.

Court Decision: Dismissed.


Two college students who also appear in Borat sued the filmmakers, alleging that they were duped into signing release forms while drunk, and that false promises were made that the footage was for a documentary that would never be screened in the USA.

Of course, it's cool when they're doing it to the chicks on "Girls Gone Wild," but that's just naked sorority girls, bro. These are frat-boys raving about how women are all bitches and wishing black people were still slaves. And they didn't even get a free t-shirt..

Court Decision: Dismissed.


California woman claims she was "crippled" during the filming of Bruno after she struggled with the actor and his camera crew while trying to grab a microphone away from Baron Cohen when he started using vulgarities calling a charity bingo game. According to her suit, this humiliation made her cry so hard she passed out and hit her head on a concrete floor, causing brain damage.

The judge would have been more sympathetic, but hearing the story made him laugh so hard that he pulled a muscle in his back that fucked up his golf swing there for a few days.

Court Decision: Still Pending - Never give up hope, crazy lady!