Just The Facts

  1. Larry King is one of the most successful television hosts of all time, with over over 40,000 interviews under his belt.
  2. In polite circles, his interview method is referred to as
  3. In more honest circles it is referred to as

Larry King is a Professional


If your testicle clamp is in the shop for repairs or if you are fresh out of tin foil to chew, you might want to consider watching Larry King interview someone. Without fail, you will hear Larry King ask a question his guest has already answered. But don’t let that bother you. He only gets paid millions of dollars every year solely for asking questions. If CNN wanted Larry to listen to the answers too, they should have put that in the contract. And while they’re at it, they might want to add a clause advising that no one really needs to hear Larry deliver an anecdote about the late great Georgie Jessel or that old antacid commercial from the 70s, especially during an interview on global warming.