Anne Hathaway is a classically trained actress whose style has been compared to Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn. She also has fantastic tits that you can totally see if you can endure the movies orbiting around them.

The Secret Of Anne Hathaway's Appeal

While Anne is an accomplished actress and singer, her most impressive skill is her ability to be liked by women while still being a sex symbol for men. This extraordinary gift is primarily due to her ability to seamlessly shift between slutty and classy.


Notice how Classy Anne actually shows more cleavage than Slutty Anne? Impressive.

Her career has straddled similar opposites. Anne represented every awkward girl's fantasy in The Princess Diaries, then landed the prince in Ella Enchanted, endearing her to a generation of girls. While this was great for a teenaged Anne Hathaway, along came 2005 when Anne developed glorious ambitions to prove that she was more than a child-actress. She needed some adult themed roles to expand her career.

Ignoring the warnings of her Princess Diaries co-star Julie Andrews1, Anne took roles as the often nude spoiled rich girl in the direct-to-DVD disaster Havoc, and the sometimes nude wife to a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. One was a huge success, one was... not. Both showed a newer, grown-up image to her fans, while introducing their fathers to the awkward phenomenon of the "didn't I just take my daughter to see this girl play a princess?" boner.

Nowadays Anne's appeal stretches to men and women, kids and adults, and she has parlayed this wide appeal into other big roles (Devil Wears Prada, Becoming Jane, Get Smart, Bride Wars).

1. If someone were to be labeled an expert on why an actress shouldn't show her breasts in the hope of changing her image, it's Julie Andrews. In 1981, Dame Andrews attempted to break away from her type-casted roles in children's movies by appearing nude in a horrible movie called S.O.B. And if the sight of a well-respected actress who was beloved as Mary Poppins doing this...

...couldn't convince Anne to not appear nude, then nothing would.

Anne's Upcoming Movie Roles

In the near future Anne will be starring in a Tim Burton movie as well as her usual romantic comedies. One of these rom-coms, Valentine's Day, is slated to be released in 2010 and alongside Anne stars Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Given the movie's hot cast, would like to informally nominate the casting director for the title of "The Best Job Anyone has Done at Anything Ever".

Wanting to be a part of this movie and feeling like we have some can't-miss ideas, Cracked submitted many scenes to the film's distributor for consideration. We haven't heard back yet, but we are confident most will be accepted as they are pure cinematic gold. One such submission can be read below:


Of course, not all scenes would be this PG Rated.